Weird Things Flight Attendants Do

**I don't work as a flight attendant anymore, but I found this post I wrote months ago and still find it very relatable so I thought I'd share!** I've been thinking about all the things that people give me weird looks for but that have become very normalized to me. Flight attendants are a strange... Continue Reading →

10 Tips for Backpacking Bali

1. Negotiate prices for EVERYTHING. Bali is notorious for bartering so its best to always try and negotiate prices especially for transportation in order to get a fair price. 2. Use Uber, Bluebird or Grab for transportation - but beware, there are signs in many areas that don't allow these services as they are much... Continue Reading →

Eating Gluten Free in Asia

For my fellow celiac/gluten free friends here's a real guide to eating gluten free in Asia. Before I came here, before I go anywhere, I always look up best gluten free food in the area. I love food - its one of the greatest pleasures of travelling so I want to enjoy gluten free food... Continue Reading →

2018 Bucket List in Review

I realized at the start of this year that I would want to do things in order to cross them off my "list" rather than because I genuinely wanted to soooo I didn't end up crossing everything off this list, but I did have an amazing year full of new adventures. I became a diver... Continue Reading →

Ecuador 10 Day Packing List

Clothing: Dresses x2 – casual & evening Shorts x2 – casual Shirts x5 Leggings x1 Jeans x1 Socks x10 Underwear x10 Swimsuits x1 Sleepwear x1 Bra x2 – regular & sports bra Sweater x1 Cardigan x1 Rain jacket Sarong  Shoes: Hiking boots Sneakers Flip flops Essentials: Passport Wallet Foreign currency and emergency USD – Keep USD hidden in your... Continue Reading →

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