5 Things to do in Lyon, France

1. Eat everything! 

Lyon is the gastronomic center of France… and France is what, the gastronomic center of the world? So basically Lyon is where the best food in the world can be found. There are hundreds of delicious restaurants catering to all budgets just calling your names. Time to dig in! Continue reading “5 Things to do in Lyon, France”


10 Tips for Backpacking Cuba

Learn some Spanish

Bring cash

bring snacks

don’t drink the water

Stay away from uncooked foods, ice cream, and cheese

Try to organize collective taxis to save money (or take the bus – but then your schedule will be limited)

Stay at casa’s – you can book them through airbnb or just find them when you get there. Everyone knows everyone so just ask someone or look for the signs on the doors.

Wifi is elusive and hard to come by, when you do find it – it isn’t very good

You need to buy wifi cards for the wifi zones – 1 hour = 1 CUC. You can buy them from Telephone stores or banks ( I thiiiink haha) or you can find someone selling them on the street. Usually the cell them for 2 CUC for 1 hour on the streets and at the airport.

You can also buy wifi at fancy hotels in Havana and then use it in their lobby. I did this while I was there, it was perfect because it was so clean and they had great AC so it was a nice break when I went to check my emails and book things.

Want a break from the heat? You can pay to use one of the pools at some of the hotels. Hotel Nacional is 25 CUC with 20 CUC giving you a credit at the pool restaurant/bar.


download maps.me to have a map of havana before you go… or you will get lost again and again and again

10 Reasons to Backpack Costa Rica

When people ask me where they should backpack, whether they’re seasoned backpackers or going for the first time, my first thought is always Costa Rica. Costa Rica blew my expectations way out of the water. I couldn’t have imagined seeing and doing as much as I had in the three weeks that I was there, especially for how little it cost. So here’s why I think you need to travel to Costa Rica:  Continue reading “10 Reasons to Backpack Costa Rica”

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