A Letter To Women Everywhere

You do not love yourself enough. You criticize, judge, and put down yourself daily – you might not even realize how often you do it. You look at yourself in the mirror and see the inadequacies – the flaws – instead of seeing what is reallythere.

Perfection is a growing disease and I am afraid you’ve caught it. I’d like to challenge you, I’d like you to go a day without saying or thinking one negative thing about yourself – can you do it? Start complimenting yourself. Everyday. All day. Do not stop. Ever. Right now name 10 things you love about yourself. Did you do it? When I tried to write down ten things I loved about myself the first thought that went through my head was that I was being egotistical. I somehow managed to think badly about myself when telling myself that I am kind, thoughtful and intelligent.

We need to stop criticizing ourselves. There are enough people in the world to do that for us, we should be building ourselves up not tearing ourselves down. We should be on the frontline supporting ourselves, we should be the last person in the world to hurt ourselves. Do you know why we get our hearts broken? Because we didn’t listen to whoever told us to love ourselves before we loved someone else. We expect and accept less than we should. We deserve to be loved as much as we love and to be given as much as we give. But it starts with you. YOU need to realize how wonderful you are. YOU need to celebrate yourself. YOU need to respect yourself. You need to save your heart fo someone who deserves it. But first you need to realize how much it is worth; how much you are worth. You are creative, thoughtful, loving, talented, strong, sensitive, kind, funny, adventurous, athletic, optimistic; you are wonderful. You are you. You are one of a kind. You have so much to offer. Stop telling yourself you don’t. Stop waiting for someone to tell you that you are special. Start telling it to yourself. Be kind and loving to yourself, all the time, no matter what, completely and utterly unconditionally. Together we can cure the disease of perfection. We have the power. It starts with you. It’s time to start loving yourself.



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