50 Things I am Thankful For

I was sitting in the airport in Barcelona eating a stale rice cake, when I got an e-mail from my mom.  She was listing off all this delicious food they had eaten for dinner, and was telling me how much they wished I could have been there with them.  That’s when I realized that it was Thanksgiving back in Canada.  A little less inclined to finish my stale rice cake, I started to think about all the things in my life I am thankful for.  There are literally an infinite number of things, people, and memories that I am grateful for and I do my best to wake up every morning with that in mind. So, In the spirit of Canadian Thanksgiving, I decided to come up with 50 things I am thankful for.

1. The moving walkways at airports
2. The gluten free aisle at the grocery store
3. People who like to travel

Ios, Greece and these wonderful people!
Ios, Greece and these wonderful people!

4. Sunny days because they always put me in a good mood
5. Rainy days because there is no better excuse to lay in bed and watch New Girl re-runs on Netflix
6. I’m also thankful for New Girl
7. The cafe in Lyon that sells Poutine
8. The cafe I am at right now

New favorite Cafe in Lyon!
New favorite Cafe in Lyon!

9. The ability to communicate with others in a different language
10. My two adorable dogs who I miss every damn day

The best cuddlers.
The best cuddlers.

11. The gym which helps de-stress me
12. Pillows because they are a single girls best big spoon
13. Chelagnat and Tamia who taught me the meaning of happiness

My little love in South Africa
Tamia, My little love in South Africa

14. My health
15. Internet because it makes being away from people you love so much easier
16. All my friends back in Canada who keep in touch with me despite the distance
17. All the new wonderful people I have met here in Europe

Canadian girls!
Canadian girls!

18. My two amazing roommates
19. Popcorn and a family that will mail you some across the ocean
20. Mothers Day 2014 (@HannahFritsch…)
21. All the other hilarious days/nights/roadtrips we have had together for that matter

Partner in crime
Partner in crime

22. Bueno, fucking chocolate in general
23. Education, such a powerful thing that we take for granted
24. Bacon wrapped steak skewers from Boston Pizza
25. The jungle

Welcome to the Jungle
Welcome to the Jungle

26. Friendly people
27. Wine Wednesday in Thunder Bay
28. Wine Monday-Sunday 24/7 in France
29. Wine in General
30. Cider too


31. Take away food at restaurants
32. Delivery
33. Gluten Free pizza from Pizza Pizza
34. Understanding what profs are talking about.. oh how I miss you English
35. Cards Against Humanity/Personally Incorrect
36. Regular sized on the go coffees
37. The boulevard boat and all the times we were boss ass boulevard bitches in it


38. Warm sweaters
39. Wool socks
40. The shutters that keep all the sun out of my room (for those difficult saturday and sunday mornings)
41. Pinterest
42. Coffee x10000
43. All the cute little cafes in Europe
44. Gelato and how accessible it is to me right now

IMG_5513 45. When I get a seat on the tram from Perrache to Bron
46. My three awesome sisters – Sam, Sabrina and Kiara!!

She loves me
She loves me

47. Lyon.. Best. City. Ever.

Getting Lost in Lyon!
Getting Lost in Lyon!

48. My loving family who constantly checks up on me and makes sure I am healthy, happy, and staying out of trouble!

49. To be from Canada, a country where I was born into privilege and opportunity


50. To be living the life I want


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