Portugal: Day 4 [Lagos]

Who needs anything more than this?
Who needs anything more than this?

My first Halloween in Europe!!!! (Not nearly as crazy as it is in North America, but still great) I had all these plans for the day, I was supposed to go for a day trip to Sagres to see the “end of the world” and go for a hike but after my morning walk on the beach there wasn’t anything I wanted to do more than lay on the soft sand and enjoy the warm sun.

The softest sand at Meia Praia
The softest sand at Meia Praia

It wasn’t nearly as windy as it had been the past few days so I got to really enjoy the weather. I had the most relaxing day doing absolutely nothing – it was a perfectly typical vacation day and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I really do love long walks on the beach..
I really do love long walks on the beach..

I went for dinner at this Indian restaurant called “The Indian Restaurant”. I was craving anything that wasn’t grilled chicken or french fries so spicy Indian food sounded like the ideal alternative. The food was mouth watered and everything I wanted but the wine was probably the worst I have ever had. The waiter also gave me a complementary bread dish and I felt too bad to waste it so I ate it (I’m celiac) .. woops. It was amazing though…

Happy Halloween from Portugal
Happy Halloween from Portugal

In the morning it seemed like everyone at my hostel wanted to go out for Halloween, but by the end of the day there was only myself and a guy from the States left (typical North Americanners wanting to celebrate Halloween). Needless to say John and I had an awesome night. We ended up going to another hostel with a guy who owned both that hostel and our own. We met up with other festive partiers and headed out to the streets of Lagos. It was much more lively than I would have expected, and I can only imagine what this place must be like in the summer.. it would seriously be so crazy!

Halloween in Europe = Success!



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