Packing Tips and Tricks

Finally, I've learnt how to pack light!
Finally, I’ve learnt how to pack light!

I’ve travelled to 19 different countries for a number of different kinds of trips, consequently I have picked up on a number of great packing tips and tricks. I’ve finally learnt how to master packing light, which is huge for me because I’m typically the girl who always overpacks and still never seems to have everything she needs. I’ll be spending the next four days in Amsterdam (late November = colder weather) and I’ve managed to pack it all in a small backpack and a hand bag.

This is it! 5 days & 4 nights
This is it! 5 days & 4 nights

The key to packing light is to pack only what you need. “But I need my pink skirt and that floral shirt, omg I HAVE to bring that!!” NO. Don’t do it. Save those adorable outfits for when you don’t have limited space and have to carry them around on your back for miles at a time. Scratch the patterns and think solid colours and staple items. Black works every time. Simple, simple, simple.

This is what I packed:
1 pair of jeans**                             Hair straightener
1 pair of tights                                Blowdryer
1 black skirt                                    Laptop
1 burgundy skirt                            Camera
1 black tank top                             Cell phone
1 white long sleeve**                    Chargers
1 black crop top                             Makeup
1 long sweater                                Toiletries
1 cardigan**                                   Small purse
1 jean shirt                                     Umbrella
1 light sweater                               Wallet
5 socks                                           Passport
5 underwear                                  Sunglasses
2 bras                                             Hand sanitizer
2 small locks for bags                   Jewellery
1 scarf**                                       Winter jacket**
3 shoes – agressive? maybe. I have flats, sneakers** and booties.

** Wearing on the plane **

I managed to pack all of this comfortably in my little backpack, and there is still room in my handbag for more if needed. It’s like a game of Tetris, you need to think logically when you pack! I put the booties at the bottom of the backpack and the socks inside the booties, I then rolled all my clothes and tucked them in where I could find space. Rolling your clothes is the most important part, it saves SO much space. I had about 1/3rd of space left in the backpack for other things. I tucked my flats behind the clothes, hair straightener down the side and blowdryer on top. This whole time I’ve been slowly zipping up the sides of the backpack so I could really fit everything in tightly. Lastly, I put the chargers in the spaces on top. Jewellery went in the outside zipper as did my underwear. In my handbag I have my laptop, makeup, toiletries, umbrella, passport, camera, wallet, and cell phone. Voila!

Note: I could have definitely gone without the flats.


Roll your clothes
Put your socks/underwear in your shoes
Shoes go at the bottom of your bag
Put any chargers in a sunglasses case if you have one
Only bring staple items [solid colours]
Make sure every item of clothing you bring can go with 2 or more other items
Use the space wisely, think of it like a game of Tetris!
Always keep passport, wallet, cellphone and all other valuables inside a zipped up compartment in your bag
Ask yourself: How many times will I wear this? Can I go without this? Is there something equally as adorable I can wear that isn’t going to take up as much space?
Never pack your whole bag, make sure there is room incase you buy something!
If you’re really needing to conserve space, buy zip locked bags, roll your clothes and put them in there

In love with Amsterdam
In love with Amsterdam

Safe and Adventurous Travels,



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