Quotes from my Kenyan Travels

June 30, 2011- July 19, 2011

Total showers: 4 Total contact with family/friends: 0

“I am official in Kenya! It is unreal. The trees are gorgeous. The surroundings are like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

“Despite everything, these people are crazy happy”

“I saw a lot of poverty today, women and children carrying water jugs, people living on the side of the streets”

“My reality from home is become more and more distant and my reality here is becoming increasingly real”

“if you want to change the world, you need to change yourself first”

“don’t take education for granted”

“We listened to some stories from the mamas, who would get married very young, they were surprised we weren’t married!”

“It was so unbelievable working with the Kenyans today. They work harder than any other person I’ve ever seen. No breaks what so ever, and they put in 100% of their effort.”

“I can’t get over how inspiring today was”

“I just want to soak in and appreciate every moment of this trip”

“Today we finished the foundation of the first school built in Mwangaza”

“Life is like a lottery”

“My socks are so dirty. I ran out of clean socks so I’m just re-wearing them”

“After about an hour we have to stop because the van had broken down, right beside the water buffalo”

“This morning was pretty regular. Wake up at 8, breakfast at 8:30, and then built until 12”

“I don’t want to leave, I’m going to miss it here so much, I love Mwangaza”

“This afternoon I really can’t explain. The elementary school had a goodbye and thank you celebration for us, even the mamas stepped out of their busy days to join”

“I sat on one of the little benches with 5 other people. It made me understand how squished they are when they are in class learning”

“My first tears came as the teachers and community members talked to the group about our importance in Mwangaza”

“They were so welcoming and open and they make me want to forever be apart of their community”

“Chelagnat is 10 years old, she has 7 brothers and 4 sisters”

“We dance, sang, laughed, smiled and shared the most memorable afternoon ever”

“I do this for Chelagnat, because I want to give her the opportune to become whoever she wants and to do whatever she wants.”

“It was gorgeous seeing all the open land untouched by skyscrapers and buildings – all natural”

“I just came back from the killing of the goat. It was really sad but I think it’s something everyone needs to see. It’s ignorant of us to just eat meat everyday and not know how that meat became food”

“My heart hurts because I’m in an air-conditioned plane, and going to the bathroom on sanitary toilets. It hurts because I’m seeing all the little things we take for granted and my journey home has just begun.”


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