75 Daily Occurrences That Make Me Privileged

With continuous education and cultural exposure, I have been constantly reflecting on everyday privilege that I, and most of the other people around me, experience. In the spirit of being “stressed out” that I have a million assignments to do, classes to attend, work to go to, volunteer commitments, and ‘somewhat’ of a social life to balance, I have decided to name 75 ways that I am privileged.

The 75 things that happen daily from the moment I wake up to the time I go to sleep, that I am privileged for: 

  1. Being alive
  2. Waking up in a warm, heated place
  3. Pressing snooze on my iPhone
  4. Having a bed (that I normally complain about having to get out of it because it’s so comfortable)
  5. Not having any health problems to speak of
  6. Brushing my teeth
  7. Having a sanitary and functioning toilet
  8. Having clean clothes and undergarments
  9. Having an abundance of clothes to chose from (and getting stressed because I never know what to wear)
  10. Filling up my water bottle with the readily accessible clean and cold water
  11. Straightening my hair (and getting frustrated with it when it doesn’t straighten properly)
  12. Grabbing my new textbooks for university
  13. Opening my fridge, and it being full of food
  14. Packing a lunch of fresh fruits and vegetables
  15. Being able to eat when I am hungry,
  16. Drink when I am thirsty, &
  17. Buy coffee when I am tired
  18. Saying bye to my two adorable pet dogs
  19. Starting my car so it can warm up
  20. Putting on my warm winter jacket
  21. Putting on my warm winter boots
  22. Buying gas (and affording it)
  23. Having OSAP/loan/credit card approved to help pay for everything
  24. Driving to school on paved roads
  25. Living in a country with great infrastructure
  26. Knowing I’m near a hospital if I were to get into a car crash or accident
  27. Knowing my government has provided me with a free health care system
  28. Opening my Mac Book Air to start taking lecture notes
  29. Having paper
  30. Writing on that paper with one of my many, many pens
  31. Being at university
  32. Getting an education
  33. Having a voice
  34. Having thoughts
  35. Having an opinion
  36. Already having been educated up until grade 12 for free from my government
  37. Having a functioning brain to absorb all the information
  38. Burning my tongue on hot tea
  39. Doing readings for my classes (and complaining about never having time to do them)
  40. Highlighting my notes with one of my many colourful highlighters
  41. Being in a heated building
  42. On a comfy chair
  43. Hanging out with friends
  44. Not being judged based on my race, ethnicity or orientation
  45. Driving to work
  46. Having a job
  47. A good paying job
  48. A stress free job
  49. A job that has regulations and standards
  50. Having fun at my job
  51. Getting to walk outside in the fresh air
  52. Driving home
  53. Having two parents
  54. Having a loving and caring family
  55. Having dinner be warm and ready to eat
  56. Putting dishes into a dishwasher
  57. Driving to the gym
  58. Being able to exercise
  59. Having a free gym membership thanks to my lovely job
  60. Listening to music on my iPod as I run
  61. Having runners
  62. Having socks
  63. Having all the things necessary for me to workout (bag, clothes, sports bra, etc)
  64. Taking a warm shower
  65. Changing into clean clothes
  66. Going to bed without being hungry
  67. Having pyjamas
  68. Crawling into a cozy and warm bed
  69. Reading a funny book so that my mind is at ease when I sleep
  70. Writing this on a laptop
  71. Living in a country where I am welcomed and accepted
  72. Living in a country full of opportunities
  73. Knowing everyone I love is safe
  74. Knowing that the chances are, everyone I love is going to be safe tomorrow
  75. Knowing that tomorrow, the chances are I will still be as privileged as I am today. I am not fearful that I won’t have enough to eat, I do not feel threatened from my government or society. I know that because of what I was born into, I will continue to be privileged.

It’s so important to remember all these daily privileges we have and try to limit our “first world problems”. From getting an education to having socks on your feet, you are more privileged than someone else. Being male, straight, or from a developed country you are more privileged. But no matter who we are, or where we come from, we need to be grateful for all the small things that make our lives so peaceful and happy. The little things that we don’t pay attention too, the things that we take for granted – the things that without, our lives would not be the same. The most simple things of having a blanket over you, food in your fridge, and people to talk to. Sometimes it’s hard to realize what you are privileged for, especially when it’s something you have had your whole life. Imagine for a second that you weren’t born in a developed country, that you were born into a life of poverty, sold as a sex-slave, or a child soldier. To put that in some perspective- there are approximately 30 million sex slaves in the world today. That’s almost the population of Canada.

Be aware of how precious and incredible your life is and how wonderful the opportunities you have been given are.

On that note, go to class, study hard, work hard, be kind, do great and be great.



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