Day 3: Lake Louise and Banff Upper Hot Springs

We woke up in the tent to -3° C. The classic trio: cold, tired, and crawling to coffee. *Drinks coffee* Somewhat ready to take on the day! We quickly packed up our camping gear and headed to Lake Louise where we were planning on climbing Mt. Fairview.


Unfortunately, the trail was closed because of too much snow and avalanche warnings. We ended up picking a different trail and getting slightly lost. It was a nice little 10km through the bush/snow/mud. We saw fresh bear poop but luckily no bears! Did I mention that we’ve already seen 5 bears? Wild.


Stream running beneath us
Stream running beneath us
Warm enough for sports bras.. cold enough for snow. Welcome to Canada!

After giving our faces some much needed sun on the hike, we drove the rest of the way to Banff where we set up camp at our new home. We were worried the campground was going to be questionable – especially considering it’s the long weekend, but it is just as impressive as our last campsite! Unfortunately, all the hikes near our campsite have been closed off due to a grizzly encounter yesterday. Quite glad it’s long weekend and there are so many people here! We spent the evening swimming at the upper hot springs; warming up after a few cold days! Now time to study and hopefully get a loooonng and warm sleep tonight! 




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