Day 5: Hangover Hikes

Waking up in a bed knowing that we had avoided the snowfall the night before was the best feeling in the world. We lounged around until 11am when we slowly gathered the energy to move our car so we didn’t get another parking ticket. (I guess they really check those 2hr parking limits in Banff… woops.) After we got our car (with no parking ticket), we went for brunch at Melissas misteak and ate the best omelettes EVER. It was past 1pm and Vanessa and I were feeling really lazy. We quickly packed our bags and headed towards Sulfur mountain. It was a very nice trail up (minus all the tourists), and had beautiful views!




Vanessa and I were both in shorts, and the folks at the top thought that was the greatest thing they had seen all day. Instead of taking photos of the breath taking mountains, tourists were asking to take photos with us. People were pointing us out, or even congratulating us. (Honestly, we were just sweaty people…).



We had a surprising amount of energy (probably from the amazing omelettes), so we decided we would jog down the mountain. Feeling refreshed at the bottom we were looking forward to taking showers back at our campsite. Unfortunately, we hadn’t taken into consideration the may long traffic. What would have typically been a 15min drive ended up taking over an hour. When we finally got back we had a nice fire, cooked another delicious meal and passssssssed out.

Canmore tomorrow!



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