Hiatus finally over

Coming home from the constant flux and adventure of travelling in Europe to a slow and unvaried life in thunder bay was difficult. School was hard. The weather was cold. It was a wild transition in my life. I was completely broke, stressed out and unhappy. Then, summer hit. Most of me wanted to leave this city and venture off out west working at as a lifeguard or nanny. But the small annoyingly responsible side of me clicked in and told me to stay, work here, make money, and plan for my grand adventure a year from now when I graduate. I put a smile on my face and I decided I was going to make the most of it. One last summer, one last year. I would go on as many hikes as possible. I would do as much as possible and enjoy what thunder bay DOES have to offer.

It has been one of the best summers I have ever had. Which you may have guessed, considering I was too busy having fun, to even bother blogging. Not that blogging is a chore at all, but it does take time and energy and honestly, I wasn’t sure what I would write about. I have always been about travelling, but at the moment I have to work and study and can’t travel. Instead, for the next year, I’ll be writing about adventures, experiences and memories I have yet to share, and about all the amazing places I got to go to in my hometown this summer.

I think there was a lesson learnt this summer. About life and about myself. Travelling is not my story. Exploring, adventuring, laughing and living, is.

Here’s to the upcoming fall, the last year in thunder bay, and to many more wild and hilarious times yet to come.



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