Weekend Away

Of all the weekends to go away during a busy semester, I chose the worst one. Right smack dab in the middle of midterms, here I am in Toronto. I should be writing papers, and studying until the wee hours of the night… but I’m obviously not. In a way it’s actually helpful being here and not in the library until 4 am. I’m being reminded of a bigger picture and it’s making my papers easier to write, and my exams less looming. It’s reminding me that no matter how stressful and overwhelming school gets, its not what really, truly, matters. Obviously, it is important and I don’t take it for granted at all. But it isn’t the end of the world and it shouldn’t be something that consumes my life. Exams and papers and presentations are a small fraction of the bigger picture. Maybe I should leave town more often the weekend before the most stressful week of the semester? 

Instead of exploring Toronto or going out with my sisters, I basically had to spend Friday night and Saturday morning stuck in the hotel room studying for my midterms and writing papers. But can we just point out how fantastic it was staying at a hotel and not a hostel. A big bed, a big bathroom, a big tv, and no snorers! Success!

Saturday afternoon was when the real fun began! I spent all sorts of money I didn’t have on all sorts of materialistic crap that I don’t need but feel like I do because I’m obsessed with our consumerist culture. Sigh. Seriously though, check out all the pretty things I got.

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Saying goodbye to my money at Sephora

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ft. my messy room that no I’m not going to clean

Thank you visa.

Then I met up with an old friend that I met while studying in France. We continued to shop and catch up for a few hours and then headed out to lunch at this cute little restaurant on Queen St. I ate a plate of fries because that is just the kind of person that I am.  Our waiter poked fun of our clear white girl ways as we dropped off our shopping bags, kicked our feet up, and ordered some mimosas. Hey, who’s happier waiter? ok? leave me alone.

Post shopping and mimosas, we were in need of a nap so we returned to that beautiful hotel room for a quick 5. Then we hit the streets taking some photos with my new camera and then off to dinner with mom (whoooo by the way, is the reason that I am here.) She’s running the marathon tomorrow!


Marathon day!! This was surreal. I don’t know why I thought it was so cool, but I was just in awe of the silence on the streets before the marathon runners flooded them. The busiest streets in Toronto were all shut down, and it was absolute silence in the middle of the city. Quickly 26,000 runners and more fans started to swarm the streets prepping for the run. This huge surge of energy poured over us all. I always get emotional during these things. I don’t know what it is – but I’m just so proud of everyone. I just love how everyone comes together to do this, and they all cheer each other on and support one another. It’s beautiful.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

It was also prime people watching opportunity. I stayed near the finish line for a few hours and got some pretty cool shots of peoples faces on the last 100m of the race (which I will post very shortly). People were dressed in costumes, or running for a cause. I teared up at one point (okay no I full on cried) when a man stopped to kiss his wife before running through the finish line. Goals right there. My mom made it through, and completed her 4th marathon! Such an inspiration.

We grabbed some Chipotle after the run, headed to porter and then flew home! It was a quick and busy trip but it was much needed. It’s nice to get away, get out of your own head, and be inspired by such a wide range of people. Also, it’s nice to go shopping and have new and pretty things to wear. Yay.

Not sure what’s next! Maybe I’ll run a marathon? That’d be the day. Anyone run the scotiabank marathon, or any marathon for that matter?

xx S

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