2016 Travel Plans

What an intoxicating feeling it is, the uncertainty  of the amazing and crazy adventures that may come my way this year. Who knows where I will go, who I will meet or what I will do. It’s so exhilarating and exciting and I am unbelievably looking forward to it. For me 2015 can be characterized by a full year of just getting shit done.  How poetic? “2015: the year where shit got done.” I was in school from January to December with only a two week break at the end of August. Although it was essential that I studied the whole year, it meant that I didn’t have time or money to travel very much. I got to go on a hilarious and fun camping trip in Western Canada during a week break I had in May, and I did get to visit some friends in Toronto twice, but I missed the constant coming and going and adventuring and exploring around the world like I had experienced in 2014. Yet it was a blessing it disguise, because it meant that I had to fill that need to explore with something else. As a result I ended up seeing a lot more of the area I come from. I went on more hikes and adventures to places near by, and trust me, it did not disappoint.

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Tree Farm, Thunder Bay
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Eagle Canyon
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Silver Harbour
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Sunset in Thunder Bay
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Bean and Bear Lake
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Kakabeka Falls
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Mount McKay
Mount Josephine

Despite all this, I cannot tell you how excited I am to graduate and move beyond my hometown. I only have three months left of school and then I will be free (ish) to travel as my heart desires. As unfortunate as it is, school (aka time) isn’t the only thing that limits my travel. Money is also a huge issue, and with completing a four year degree, having very little chance of getting a decent job in the field I am interested in (international development), it would be an understatement to say I am broke and therefore backpacking around the world becomes just a touch more difficult. So I have devised a bit of a plan for 2016 to hopefully let me pay off some debt and also explore some new places.

My 2016 Travel Plans:

My adventures will begin with a backpacking trip through Costa Rica in April. I’ve heard wonderful things about Costa Rica. I’m planning to spend 3 weeks backpacking through the country. I can’t wait to hike some volcanoes, surf some waves, lounge on hammocks and photograph some waterfalls. I’m also excited to do it by myself. I can’t wait to meet new people, have great conversations, learn more about myself and relax after four years of studying and hard work. I’m hoping to do it for 1500$, flight included. Sound ridiculous? Round trip flights go for average 600$ return, accommodation is anywhere between 15-20$ a night (hostels), and most of the activities I plan on doing would be hiking, surfing, or just exploring (aka free other than entrance fees and surf rentals). So any other expense would be food, transportation within the country and random fees I don’t see coming. I figure 50$ a day would do me well in Costa Rica. Have any of you been? Any suggestions?

Then, I will return home because as much as I’d love to continue around the world, my budget is really telling me I need to save. My plan thus far, although it is only January 7th and lets be honest this is going to change, is to work in Thunder Bay until later in the year when it starts to get cold again.. and then I’m ditching out for the whole winter! I’d like to do several months in Asia and stop in Tanzania for a month on the way home. That is unless by some miracle I manage to get a job in my field or in the travel and tourism industry in general. 

Where are you heading this upcoming year?



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  1. Hi Your sister from ArcticSabrina sent me to your blog because she knows I love travelling. I’ve checked it out and really like so I’m following you. Hope you like my blog too. I just posted about a weekend spent in Lyon and she told me you had lived there. Have a nice weekend


    1. Hey! That’s awesome. I’m really glad you checked me out and I hope you find some useful stuff on my blog. Thats phenomenal that you got to visit Lyon! I am absolutely in love with that city. take care! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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