10 Travel Necessities

1. A large scarf

My personal favourite and what I find the most useful of all travel necessities: the scarf. It’s your comfort. It’s your pillow. It’s your blanket. It makes you look cute AND it keeps you warm. What else do you need? This past Christmas I was given the worlds greatest travel scarf – it has a hood and pockets. What was already the most useful accessory now can work to block out light and I can put my lip balm/ipod in it without losing them or having them fall in between seats.

2. Entertainment

You are bound to get bored with the long waits, flights and layovers. I always travel with my journal so worse comes to worse I can write about my boredom. Other ideas to pass the time are to bring some sort of paper game book (crosswords, sudoku), listen to music, bring books or magazines, and if you have the space then you could even bring your laptop and put movies on it.

3. A reusable water bottle

It’s so important to stay hydrated while travelling which is why having a reusable water bottle is a really good idea. You can’t bring water through security so it’s easiest to just keep a reusable one that you can keep refilling. If you’re travelling somewhere that doesn’t have safe drinking water, it’s even cheaper to just buy a big water bottle and then keep refilling your reusable one anyways.

4. A small pillow

You don’t realize how much you would like one until you travel without one and are constantly wishing you brought it. Trust me, you’ll never regret bringing the pillow.

5. Music, but more importantly, good headphones

Good headphones are the key to a comfortable plane, train or bus ride. You need music, it sets the tone for the whole experience. It gets you excited for where you’re heading next or allows you to be nostalgic of where you just came from. It sparks creativity and it completes the pleasure of travelling.

6. Warm socks

Its hot. Its cold. It cant make up its goddam mind. How many of you hate those people who take off their shoes on planes? Because hi, hello, that’s me! I take them off, put on some extra socks that I bring in my carry on and I am good to go. Sincerely not sorry to all those people I piss off.

7. An Eye mask

This is essential to block out all the people with their shoes off and any other weird shit happening. GOOD. NIGHT.

8. The ‘right’ kind of snacks

I say the right kind, because most of us want all the chocolate and candy and Pringles we can shove into our carry on when we travel. But realistically, these snacks are going to make us feel crummy and tired and not satisfy us with any energy that we need, especially because sometimes your snacks are the only food you’ll have for many hours. That’s why I suggest bringing the right snacks — nuts, granola or protein bars, beef jerky, cheese and crackers, trail mix, fruit bars, etc.

9. Sanitation wipes

Alright this is kind of gross, but let’s not be coy. When you’re traveling, especially if you’re going somewhere far and foreign, you’ll likely be travelling for more than one day without having a shower. More than that, you’ll be standing in long lines, carrying a lot of weight, in probably too much clothes aka, you’ll sweat, and you’ll stay in your sweaty stinky clothes for longer than you should. Which is why sanitation wipes, also known as my travel showers, are necessary. You feel fresh and clean after wiping yourself down and it makes SUCH a difference. It will make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable and you will smell much much better.

10. Cream & lip balm

Lastly, but certainly not least, it is important to travel with creams and lip balm. Planes dry you out. At least for me, I always break out after long flights and my poor lips get so dry and cracked and its horrible. So bring some face cream, body cream and lip balm and life will be better.


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Enjoy your travels and take me with you next time please!



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  1. Totally agree with the travel scarf tip! I’ve just gotten back from New Zealand with a scarf that is probably still carrying little bits of sand and dirt collected while it was being used as a blanket/pillow/beanie/fashion accessory/protection from sand flies in all kinds of places.


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