Review of The Best Greek Islands

Two weeks on the Greek islands is something of a dream and memories of my time continue to fill my heart with happiness and warmth. My days were spent full of laughter, wild adventures, inspiring conversations, and mind blowing views.

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Nights spent on the island: 3

Accommodation: When you’re visiting Santorini you can chose to stay in either Oia or Fira. I stayed at Fira Backpacker’s Place for 29 euros/night in a dorm. Oia is absolutely stunning but it is more expensive and WAY more touristy. I recommend staying in Fira (which is still beautiful) and visiting Oia – there are many many buses that go often or you can even hike (which has incredible views along the way)!

Food: There are many nice restaurants but if you are on a budget then there are plenty of grocery stores as well. 

Things to do: There are endless things to do on Santorini! The island is much bigger than expected. We rented ATVs and spent the day beach hoping. Red beach, black beach, this beach, that beach! Jk. But actually we did go to both the ‘red beach’ and the ‘black beach’ and 3 others that we found a long the way that had perfect spots for cliff jumping and even had some caves you could swim into!

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Adventuring around Santorini in ATVS was one of the best days of my life. Santorini (Fira) also has a great nightlife. Lots of bars and restaurants!!

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New friends!

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overall experience: 8/10


Time I spent on the island: 5 nights (trip was extended 3 nights because of how fabulous the island was)

Accommodation: Francesco’s hostel is where it’s at! 25 euros/night for a private room – obviously cheaper if you’re staying in a dorm. It’s one of the two big hostels on the island. The other one is “far out.” Francesco’s is phenomenal though because it’s right by the night life/shopping/restaurants, it’s a beautiful hostel, has a pool overlooking the island and isn’t that pricey. Far out is where there are sometimes pool parties during the day and the beach is right next to it so it’s also a cool place to stay but you have to taxi back from the bars at night if you stay there, where as there are buses going there during the day if you’re staying at Francesco’s. I highly recommend staying at Francesco’s but going to Far Out during the day !

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The pool at Francesco’s Ft. The worlds best squad
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View from the pool!

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Food: There is a cheap place for souvlaki and fries (5 euros) right by Francesco’s. Lots of restaurants and good grocery stores. 

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Greek yogurt, organic fruit and honey drizzle

Things to do: The island is smaller than Santorini but there is still plenty to do. We also rented ATVs one day and explored around with some incredible people we met at the hostel. There are also delicious restaurants on the island. The beach is really nice, Far Out often has beach parties, and there are many smaller beaches to explore if you rent a motorbike or ATV! 


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Overall experience: 9/10


Nights spend on the island: 2

Accommodation: Paraga Beach Hostel 13 euros/night in a dorm. Honestly it was hot, there was only one plug in for the like 12 of us sharing this “room” although it was more of a shack outside in the middle of butt fucking no where. The only real perk to this hostel is that it was cheap and right by the beach which to this day is the best beach I have ever been to. Also, if you are going to Mykonos to party then this is where you want to be. But honestly, the party seen was WAY better in Ios. 

Food: did I even eat? Not really because it was too expensive. I honestly think we ate all our meals at the restaurant at the hostel which was like 10 euros average per meal. I’m sure there are plenty of restaurants within the island but we were a bit isolated where we were and ended up not exploring the island.

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Things to do: Beach. Drink. Not sleeping because hostel sucks. The beach was honestly amazing. It was the most clear and beautiful water I have ever seen. I would recommend exploring the island. There is lots of shopping to do and the little streets are magical. 

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

overall experience: 6.5-7/10

I hope this helped your trip planning to Greece. If anyone wants to pack me in their suitcase I promise to give more advice and be lots of fun!!!



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