Review of the Norwegian Sky

The Norwegian sky is a newer ship that is all inclusive. Like all food. All booze. All of it. It’s supposed to be a more upscale cruise line (or so I have been told). The ship is very nice and fancy so if that’s what you’re looking for than woopdydoo there ya go. I like my things nice and pretty too, but it hurt a little bit when we would stop at the port and the ship beside us would have a waterslide or like a rock climbing wall IN THE POOL. Our ship had a ton of dinning options, a la carte options, room service, different bars, 3 pools, 5 hot tubs, a gym, a spa, different entertainment rooms and there was a lot of activities happening every night. No matter what your age or interest, you could find something you enjoy doing on the ship. But it didn’t have a waterslide, or a rock climbing wall… so…

The food: The food was delicious. I’ve gone on a few of those weird all inclusive resort trips where the food is super questionable and you get sick half way through your trip. This was not like that. The buffet wasn’t extravagant but it had a lot of options, was cooked properly and like 8 out of 10 things tasted good. We never paid for dinning but the free dinners that we did go to were excellent. We had 5 course meals and steaks and amazing wines. So I could only imagine what you would get if you were paying extra to eat on the ship. Breakfast was also impeccable. On top of the regular buffet with everything you could imagine and more, there was an omelette station, a crepe station and a waffle station. Plus the best mimosas ever.


The drinks: Again with the comparing to all inclusive resorts where you aren’t sure if the alcohol is watered down with tap water but you are sure that they do not know how to properly mix a drink so that you aren’t going to fall to the floor after your first one – the drinks on the cruise were phenomenal. They were good quality, there were so many options, they were well sized, and they did not cheap out of anything. Plus they had servers walking around the pool all the time in case you wanted a refill on something. They also made lots of tasty virgin ones for the kids too which was really fun for them (obviously not as fun for us though).

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The staff: Okay here is where I am going to RAVE. I loved the employees. They were so hard working and kind and positive. They were always checking in on you making sure you were enjoying your time and making sure you had everything you needed. Our rooms were cleaned like 5x a day. They were awesome. They deserve like 15million free cruises, Norwegian you hear me?

Overall I really enjoyed the cruise. I would recommend the ship. However, I think that next time I would like one with a waterslide or some fun pool shit because I am an inner child and that would have been the highlight of my trip.

xx S

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