Cruisin’ in the Bahamas Day 1-ish

Cruise line: Norwegian Sky (aka the ship with the all inclusive booze hollaaa) *Click for a review of the ship
Nights: 4 nights in the Bahamas
Ports: 3 [Freeport, Great Stirrup Cay, Nassau] *Click each for a review of the ports

It was a wild adventure getting the vacation started. We left Thunder Bay at around 3pm on Saturday the 13th and drove 6 hours to Minneapolis. It was hard for me to start relaxing and it took honestly until the second last day for me to stop stressing about school and life.

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I have been so stressed this year, always feeling overwhelmed with way to difficult of decisions and choices to make. I liked the idea of this trip – get away from the cold, no cell service, free alcohol, etc. But it was harder to get used to than it has been in the past. I missed my phone. I missed my boyfriend. I missed my home. I hate the feeling of not knowing what I’m doing with my life. Especially, of not knowing what I want to do with my life and not having any plans to do anything yet. It’s awful. It’s like any minute my life could change, but at the same time, as far as I  know right now nothing is changing ever. I wish that 30 year old me could just shake me and be like yo steph y’all right, you’re going to be fine just chill and have a drink girl. Enjoy that body while you still can you know what I mean?

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Okay that was such a side track. Anyways we drove to Minneapolis and it was like 10pm when we got there and we didn’t have data and ended up going to three different Marriotts before we found the stupid right one. Then we spent the night, and flew out the next afternoon to Chicago then to Miami. Both of our flights were delayed, and we ended up not getting into Miami until 230am. We also got drunk during our layover and that was an interesting experience. I’ve never been drunk in an airport before and let me tell you it is dangerous and amazing. We left the bar and within 1 minute we passed a McDonalds, got some food and then hopped on the plane where we just passed out immediately.

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However, 230 am was not fun at all. We were exhausted and cranky and hungover and my fucking bag did not come off the plane. Then we got dropped off at the wrong hotel in some sketchy part of Miami, had to call for a second uber ride while using our data and ended up getting to the right hotel at 4am. I was soo stressed out because of money – thinking of everything I’d have to buy for the cruise since I didn’t have my luggage. And I was soo tired and missing my boyfriend and hungover that it spiralled out a to a big irrational situation. Like really the situation was that I didn’t have my luggage but in my head it went to straight that I was broke, didn’t know what I was doing with my life, didn’t want to go back to thunder bay, but also didn’t want to be away from boyfriend and anyways you get the picture. I was up till 5am crying myself to sleep because I didn’t have my stupid luggage. But I woke up in the morning with a game plan to figure out the luggage situation. We decided to just go back to the airport (on 3 hours of sleep, ugh) and see if my bag was magically sent on a flight in the morning or what was up. When we got there, to my happy surprise, we found out it was actually on a flight there and would be arriving in a few hours. SO we went for lunch at 10am and waited for it to come. After lunch we met a family and literally played tag and hide and go seek throughout the airport. It was hilarious, especially because I was wearing Kristines’  (the friend I was travelling with) strapless dress which was way too big for me so it was like falling down as I chased and got chased by this 6 year old child. Anyways, the bag arrived and we were off for our cruise. Then the fun began. Well, okay, not really. Kris and I were so exhausted plus the weather was crappy so it was a weird start to the cruise. However, it was a nice feeling to get to our room and know that this is where we would be for the next 4 nights – no more travel. (kind of because ironically we don’t stop travelling all vacation). Then we walked around, explored our boat and headed to grab a drink and have a dip in the hot tub.

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I’m excited to go to our first stop tomorrow and also hopefully have good weather!!!

xx S

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