Nassau, Bahamas [Day 4]

Cruise line: Norwegian Sky (aka the ship with the free booze hollaaa) *Click for a review of the ship
Nights: 4 nights in the Bahamas
Ports: 3 [Freeport, Great Stirrup Cay, Nassau] *Click for a review of each port

The last stop of our cruise: Nassau! I had heard some mixed reviews of this city so I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I heard that there was a lot of bargaining and people just trying to sell you things. Although close to the port was excessively busy, I never felt too overwhelmed or felt like I was being pushed to purchase anything. As a young woman in her twenties walking around by herself, typically, I am a target for that kind of stuff too so I think mostly people were being over dramatic about it. I really enjoyed Nassau!


There’s a lot to explore and the city is quite pretty. I liked it the best because it felt most natural and home to locals. I almost resented the fact that I was one of hundreds of tourists stopping in for a few hours. I couldn’t imagine living there and just experiencing that over and over and over again. I would probably get so annoyed of everything snapping photos of stupid palm trees and shit and just buying bags that say “Bahamas” a million times on them. Like no. Go to a museum. Read a book. Have a conversation. Taste some local food. The weather was amazing this day and we were really grateful for it. I ended up just wandering around the city in the morning and then meeting my friend back on the boat in the afternoon where things go out of hand. Basically [okay not basically, honestly] I did not make it past 4pm.

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Livin la vida loca?

xx S

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