Top 10 Likes and Dislikes of Cruising

Top 10 Likes

  1. Constant travel: you get to wake up and be somewhere completely new! You only have to unpack once, then you sit back, relax and get to enjoy multiple places in multiple countries.
  2. Convenience: The whole thing is planned out for you. You don’t need to worry about where you’re going to eat dinner or how you’re going to get to your next destination.
  3. Accessibility: Its a great vacation for everybody and caters to all abilities and ages.
  4. The view: Running around the outside of the boat, listening to the waves and having the wind in your hair is priceless.
  5. Sunsets and clear skies: you won’t see anything like it
  6. Living on a boat: It’s a really cool experience getting to sleep on a ship, you feel like you’re on the titanic but you know that there’s enough lifeboats so it’s even better.
  7. The pool:  I think it’s so cool that you  can be in a pool, on a boat. The ships with the waterslides are even better!
  8. The staff:  so welcoming, friendly and helpful
  9. Social: It’s easy to meet new people.
  10. Amenities: there is entertainment for everybody. You can’t get bored – there is always a millions things happening that target different audiences and groups.



Top 10 Dislikes

  1. Sea sickness: if you get sea sick it could completely ruin your trip. You can’t just get off the boat if it happens when you’re not at the port (which is when it most likely would) and there’s nothing you can do about it expect ride it out, literally.
  2. Weird consumerist non-culture: you’re travelling to all these cool places but you honestly feel like you don’t leave the U.S.
  3. The line ups: when thousands of people are all getting off at the same time that’s not fun at ALL. It’s hot and stressful and just plain annoying.
  4. The ports are crappy: They are full of touristy gimmicks and don’t reflect the countries, cities or cultures.
  5. Sea legs: you constantly feel like you’re moving for days after the cruise is finished
  6. Demographic: It’s all older adults, couples and families
  7. Hidden fees: A lot of extra add on fees once you get to the ship
  8. No communication: honestly hated how expensive wifi was. Unless you want to spend another couple hundred just to text than you’re going to be going without communication for the week.
  9. Early mornings: The announcements that wake you up super early
  10. Hard to get to know locals: there is no lasting interaction with anyone other than your fellow cruise members who are 90% from the States.

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