Welcome to Costa Rica

Hey friends! I know it has been a while since I’ve written in here but I’m day 3 into an 18 backpacking adventure in Costa Rica so I thought it is time to start up again!

How to get around:

Rent a car- be careful with this option. If you’ve never been to Costa Rica before be prepared for some crazy roads and crazy drivers. I’d recommend youtubing roads in Costa Rica just to get a better understanding of what it’s like. Also, when renting a car before you arrive they don’t tell you about insurance fees and other hidden fees. Expect to pay between 600-1000 for a week or two. You don’t need an international drivers license to rent here either! 

Shuttle bus – if you aren’t on a budget and aren’t comfortable driving than this is the way to go. It’ll be between 40-60 USD for each drive between destinations but it’s direct and there is air conditioning and they will pick you up from your hostel.

Local bus – this is the cheapest way and the way I am travelling! It’s only a few dollars for a 4-6 hour trip! So far I’ve only experienced one 5 hour drive but it was direct, I had my own comfy seat and although there was no air conditioning the windows were open and the breeze was wonderful. The only issue with this method is that sometimes the buses aren’t direct so you have to make more stops and take more time. But it’s so much cheaper!!!!

We flew into San Jose at around 12:30 PM. Customs was quick for us and we managed to grab a taxi and get to the tropaca bus station before our bus to manual Antonio left (at2:30). The cab from the airport to the bus station was 15 million colones (about 30USD) and the bus from San Jose to Manuel Antonio was 4,500 colones (about 10USD).

We’re staying at Que Tuanis Hostel. The hostel is quite nice and clean and I really enjoy it. The people are super nice here too! You can’t really walk anywhere from our hostel because it’s not in the most ideal location – but there is a bus stop just outside and it’s only 50 cents (305 colones) for a ride. About 3 minutes to restaurants and grocery stores and 5-7 to the national park and beach! The bus comes every 15-20 minutes.

We decided that it is actually cheaper to eat out and order cheap items than go to the grocery store – at least in Manuel Antonio!

Our hostel



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