Manuel Antonio National Park

Bus from hostel: 305 colones

Entrance: 16USD

We had an amazing time at the national park. We did every single trail possible and my calves are still sore from all the stairs and walking 3 days later! It rained on us in the morning but it’s been so hot that we didn’t even mind. We saw lots of animals (without a guide) including many monkeys and even a sloth!!!

We got really excited to see the monkey so I took my big camera out of my backpack to get a good photo. I guess a lot of people have been feeding the monkeys because the monkey immediately thought I had food in my bag and got very vicious. He jumped at me and stole my backpack! Then all his monkey friends came over and stole my bag and we’re going through it throwing things everywhere. Anytime one of us went to grab my stuff they would show their teeth and look like they were going to attack. Luckily my friend opened her umbrella, channeled her inner Jane from Tarzan and saved my things from the monkeys. I officially have a slight fear of them!

The beaches were so beautiful and despite being attacked by monkeys I would give this experience a 10/10. Just don’t forget your bug spray, and watch out for raccoons stealing your belongings on the beach!

Xx S

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