Climbing Cherro Chato Volcano 

To begin this story let’s just mention that I was not mentally prepared to hike a volcano in the extreme humidity of Costa Rica and 37 degrees Celsius. Your skin literally just becomes sweat and you have to accept this 3 minutes in to the climb. Climbing Cherro Chato wouldn’t be so difficult if it weren’t for the insane heat and humidity. It’s a steep 1500 meters up to the top. For the first three quarters it’s a steady climb but the last quarter you’re basically rock climbing.

The lagoon at the top is worth the sweat and tears. You can hangout there and go for a nice dip in the water. Just try not to think about the kind of wildlife that lives in the lagoon… 🙃

It was one of the most rewarding days in Costa Rica so far.

Xx S

4 thoughts on “Climbing Cherro Chato Volcano 

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  1. Yesss, sounds awesome. I felt this way hiking through Plitvice Lakes in Croatia when it was 45 degrees. My eyeballs were sweating.


    1. Hahah I feel you! The sweat was stinging my eyes but I couldn’t wipe them because my hands were even sweatier haha


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