My Costa Rica Travel Budget

Backpacking Costa Rica: 16 nights, 17 days 

** Prices are in USD**

**Also some of these prices i.e. for tours, were cheaper because I was travelling with a friend**

Flight: $420 [Thunder Bay-Toronto-San Jose with West Jet)

Hostels: $269

Broken down: Manuel Antonio x3 nights – $43, La Fortuna x4 nights – $65, Monteverde x2 nights – $25, San Jose x2 nights – $26, Santa Teresa x4 nights – $60, San Jose x1 night (in a hotel) – $50

Food/drink: 296 [Average: $17 a day]

You can save a lot of money eating out if you go to these local restaurants called “Sodas”. They serve traditional food – a lot of beans, rice, chicken, fries, things like that. But they have burgers and chicken fingers and other options too. These places are much cheaper than other restaurants and the portions are HUGE! It’s amazing. There were a few nights we went out to nicer restaurants and thats where we spent more money but you could cut it down if you were very strict and just went to Sodas.

Activities: 206

Broken down: Manuel Antonio national park $16, ATV tour in Manuel Antonio $65, Cherro Chato 2 extreme volcano tour $60, La Fortuna waterfall $11, Santa Elena reserve (cloud forest) $9 –with student card,  ATV rental in Santa Teresa $22 – we got a good deal because we were with a big group and I shared my ATV with my friend,  Cabo national park $13, Surf rental $10

Transportation within the country: 191

Broken down: Taxi: 20, San Jose-Manuel Antonio: 10, Manuel Antonio-la Fortuna: 12, Jeep/boat: 24, Monteverde-San Jose: 60 (shuttle), San Jose- Santa Teresa: 15, Santa Teresa-San Jose: 50 (shuttle)

For the most part we took the local bus, but we also splurged on two shuttle rides. If you are really on a budget just do the local buses! Get a window seat and with the breeze you’ll be fine. The local buses are actually really nice, it does help to speak Spanish but that being said, neither of us did and we survived!

Total Cost: $1,381 

Costa Rica is a very manageable country for people who are just dipping their toes into the world of backpacking or those of you who are wanting to go on your first solo backpacking adventure. It’s safe, people are friendly, there are endless things to do, and it’s affordable (especially if you’re coming from North America – FLIGHTS ARE SO CHEAP RN). I encourage anyone who’s thinking about going on an adventure to Costa Rica (or anywhere) who has questions or is hesitant about anything to give me a shout at: Don’t let anything stop you guys from traveling and exploring this amazing world! I hope this post helps remind people that travelling can be affordable (even for us broke young adults)! I went on so many tours, visiting 6 places, splurged in some circumstances and still stayed under my goal of 1,500. AKA – BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS!!!! Okay, thats enough peer pressure for now..

xx, S

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