2 Days in NYC 

As we rolled into the New Year, I headed to New York. I got a few days off from work, and was off on my first adventure with my travel benefits to the big apple with my two sisters and mom. We were leaving from Thunder Bay and had a short layover in Toronto so we had to rush through customs and barely made it to our flight to NYC. By the time we got there we were sweaty, exhausted and ready to cry because we were so happy we made it. We were all ready to get on when the customer service agent called us over and delivered the bad news..  there was only three seats left and I wasn’t going to make it on. I held in my tears trying to be a mature adult about it as I watched the rest of my family get on without me. biiiiiii felicia

I hate winter travel. But I tried to make the most of it and headed over to a restaurant to wait until I could make it on another flight. The prospects weren’t looking so great because unfortunately I wasn’t the only one travelling standby, and the next three flights were full. Four hours later, I finally made it!

I landed in La Guardia and took a bus to Grand Central Station. The bus is only 15$ and you can catch it right outside of baggage.  From there my hotel (The Seton Hotel), was just right around the corner. I was SO pumped to have finally made it!

Despite being utterly exhausted, the adrenaline of arriving in New York City kicked in and I was ready to hit the streets. We went to this delicious Mexican restaurant. (restaurant name: salvation taco)

Then we walked to the Rockefeller centre to see the big beautiful Christmas tree and I felt like I was living in the moving “Elf” (aka my favourite Christmas movie).

The next morning I did not feel so hot though.. all that travel, crappy food and no sleep left my body feeling like garbage. After laying in bed for a few hours I finally pulled myself together and hit the streets where my little sister and I walked literally all over lower Manhatten.

To washington park…

To the Friends apartment in Greenwich…

Back up to get some gluten free bagels…


To the Brooklyn Bridge…

To Taylor Swifts apartment in TriBeca…


To an Italian restaurant in Soho…

And back to our hotel (18.9 km later)….

The next day it was my moms birthday so we properly celebrated the day.


We went for brunch at Sarabeths (soooo tasssttyyyyyy).

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

And spent the day walking around Central Park and shopping.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I had to leave early the next day so it wasn’t a late night for me. It was a quick trip to the big apple and I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Next month with my benefits I’ll be heading to Trinidad… stay tuned!

xx, S

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