My Life Inflight: February 

1. Surprise in Ottawa! 

One of my good friends and her boyfriend had to do a few months of long distance and we all know long distance sucks so we decided to use some of my travel benefits and surprise him for the weekend. He thought that I had a layover in Ottawa and was just going to pick me by myself up from the airport to go grab some drinks. Little did he know I was also bringing along his girlfriend and two other good friends of ours! It was the best way to start off the month. 

2. London for the weekend!

The longest stretch of days I had off this month was 4 days, but that didn’t stop me from going somewhere fun. I wanted to go down south and lounge on a beach but unfortunately all the flights were full because of reading week – so London it was! I got to spend the weekend in the UK with two other of my friends. You can read all about it here!

3. Working with a good friend of mine!

I got to work with a good friend of mine from training and we had a great time with a 4 day pairing in thunder bay!

4. Valentines Day treats

My man took me out for an earlier valentines day dinner (to accommodate my crazy schedule) and then on the real day he got the hotel I was staying at to surprise me with flowers and then surprised me himself with a thoughtful and amazing gift……. im the luckiest person alive.

5. I mean… I think taking a photo in a red phone booth should have its own section?

February was a busy month that went by too quickly, and I’m expecting March to be just the same (with a little more crazy people involved…. wait for “My Life Inflight: March” to hear more about that one…), but exciting travel plans will be taking me to new corners of the world in April and May. Stay tuned! 

xx, S

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