5 Day Pairing out West

Being a YYZ based Flight Attendant means that I mostly fly on the East Coast and it’s pretty rare to get out West.. so I was very excited when I was able to switch with another FA to spend 5 days all over the country – what an experience! In 5 days we landed in all but 3 provinces, and flew across the country viewing both Oceans and Canada’s amazing landscape. It was a true privilege and brought me back down to Earth (but at 25,000 ft.). It was a shift that reminded me how much of a privilege it is to work in this industry and experience things that most people will never get to experience in their entire lives. In 5 days I saw the Northern Lights while heading out to Thunder Bay, flew over the Rocky Mountains, saw both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, had a French flight to Quebec, and hit a bird for the first time too (poor little guy)! What made this pairing truly spectacular though, was the awesome people I got to work with. This industry would be great no matter what, but only these people I work with are what make it phenomenal. Having a crew that will call you up once the clouds break and you can see the Rockies from the flight deck, or just let you sit and watch the Northern Lights with them at 1 am is something very special. It’s also amazing to have people who are so positive and can laugh things off – which is much needed because when you’re working multiple 11 hour days in a row there are bound to be some funny moments. Like when our Captain made an announcement saying he was Calgary and we were heading off to Captain… never living that one down ;).

Day before my pairing: Commuting to Toronto from Thunder Bay to start my pairing the next day

Day 1: made our way out to Halifax and back to London, ON for the night! Made the most of our light loads and long day

Day 2: Had a Quebec City turn and then off to Thunder Bay. Despite a few delays, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset in Quebec, and the Northern Lights out to Thunder Bay.

Day 3: Now, this was the day we had all been waiting for. It was a long one thats for sure but we were all so excited – stopping in every province from Ontario – Vancouver Island, British Columbia!

Day 4: We went for a little walk in windy Comox and grabbed some breakfast before heading out again to make our way to Regina.

Day 5: We were so sad that it was coming to an end… but what an amazing couple of days! We walked around in Regina listening to their local tourist song…. if you haven’t heard it then you really need to LOL youtube “Expereince Regina” and you will not be disappointed 🙂


Xx, S

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