My Life Inflight: March

Hi fraaaandss! Its that time of the month again (…noooo not that time ;)) but time to share all my adventures and memories from the past month! This month has been full of pure embarrassment. I honestly embarrassed myself at least once each pairing. So please enjoy and try to really imagine these things actually happening… because they really did. I guess now I’ll have lots to say when people ask what my most embarrassing moment was… fml 

1. I fell over during the safety demo

Why not start it off with a real winner, right? I was standing in front of a full flight of people, who for some reason were actually paying attention to us doing our little safety dance. The pilots were taxiing us to the runway and I was showing everyone our groovy flour lighting when the pilots took a bit too sharp of a turn and I went right with that floor lighting onto the floor in front of everyone. Everyone laughed. Like LAUGHED, laughed. Then we had to continue with the french version while tears from laughter rolled down my red stained embarrassed cheeks.

2. I sang on the mic for a little boys birthday

While we were boarding, a mom came up to me and told me it was her sons birthday and asked if there was anything we could do for him.. of course I immediately said yes but realized this might be putting me in a nice embarrassing situation. We were waiting for one moe guest so it was perfect timing to announce this little boys birthday.. and agree to sing happy birthday to him on the mic… in front of yet another full flight. I warned them that I was not nearly a good singer and then belted my little embarrassed heart out. Tbh though it was really cute.

3. Said wrong destination during safety demo

This one actually happened more than once this month. We were landing in Quebec City, but I had been so used to going to Thunder Bay that I announced that we had landed in Thunder Bay without even realizing that I had. A man was hollering of laughter in the front and I was clueless as to why. He just kept looking out the window laughing being like OH this looks a little different than thunder bay in his French accent. Fml it wasn’t till he was leaving that I realized I had messed up and said the wrong place… at least he thought I did it on purpose as a joke?

4. Captain said we were heading to Captain

And all the ladies loved it. They were like “ou our final destination is our captain eh?” That one was his mistake not mine.. but still absolutely hilarious.

5. Played war with a grade 6 kid the entire flight

You know… like the card game. It was a 6 am flight and he was travelling with his parents on vacation, so naturally they were both sleeping and didn’t want to play with him. Me, on the other hand, was ready to kick some butt and show off my card game skills. As any game of war goes, an hour and thirty minutes later, and it was still a tie. So when the captain called for us to secure for landing I told him I was sorry that he lost and hoped he would have better luck next time. #savage

6. Weekends OFF

This month I bid a little differently and asked for thurs-fri-sat off to spend with my peeps back in tbay. It was actually such a great month with the perfect balance of work (so basically play) and play.

7. Make a Wish Flight

I had my first make a wish flight!!!! I was so excited about this one. It was a little boy heading to Disney with his family. When we made the announcement after takeoff, everyone was cheering and whistling for him, then the other flight attendant came to the back galley with me laughing.. he was sleeping through the entire thing hahaha.

8. Saw the Northern Lights x2!!!

This will forever be one of my favourite things about flying, getting to see the Northern Lights from the flight deck. I’ve been so lucky to see them twice this month – both heading to Thunder Bay! What an unreal experience.


We had just taken off and I had heard the wheels go up and then a few seconds later I heard another loud thud – poor little guy did not make it through that one – and luckily the plane was good to go so we kept on going.

10. 5 Day Pairing in 7/10 provinces

I ended this month with a phenomenal pairing that brought me all over Canada.. getting to see its beauty from both oceans all in 5 days. Truly something spectacular that I am so grateful to have gotten to experience.

Starting next month in Hawaii….. so you KNOW it’ll be a good one.

Xx, S

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  1. The taxi way strikes again! Haha! I’ve definitely said the wrong destination more than I like to admit, sometimes I just make it up and wait for the guests to correct me!

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