My Life Inflight: April

This month has been something else. It has completely tested my patience and has made me question my sanity more than once. It started off superb with a week in a Hawaii, but I had some pretty frustrating pairings because of the runway construction happening in YYZ…. well I’ll just let you guys read about it. Luckily for me next month is my vacation so I have plenty of days off to relax and enjoy life without TOO many airports.

1. Hawaii

I started this month off the best way possible – with one week on a beach in Hawaii! You can read all about my adventures here.

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2. Delays, Delays, and More Delays 

This month has been one of the most frustrating and unpredictable months that most people working out of YYZ have ever experienced. Toronto Pearson is undergoing construction on one of their runways which has caused an incredible amount of cancellations and delays over the past few weeks and ongoing for the next few as air traffic is regulating the amount of traffic going in and out of the airport. As a result myself, and many other crew members or travellers have been left stranded in different places unable to get home. I ended up not being able to get home between pairings for an entire month…! Its has tested my patience, made me question my job and even made me decide to get a crash pad again in Toronto. WOO. Luckily, I work with some pretty great people who have made those 14 hour days much more bearable.


3. Example A) of Runway Construction Hell 

I was flying from Moncton – Toronto. It was the third flight of the day, and the fourth day of my pairing. My day started when my alarm went off at 4 am in Thunder Bay (for the fourth day in a row) – so I was arguably pretty exhausted by the time we got to Moncton. We had already boarded a full flight of people when we got the news that there was flow into Toronto. (Flow is when air traffic is controlling when planes can land in YYZ because there is too much traffic with this runway construction). We were told that we couldn’t take off for 1.5 hours. While we were on the ground I checked my phone for the departure time of my YQT flight – because I was supposed to be flying home for the night (and the first time I would get to go home in three weeks… so I really wanted to go..). Unfortunately, that flight was cancelled. So I would not be going home AND I didn’t have a place to stay for the night yet AND I had to take everyones frustrations AND do service on the ground – all with a smile on my face. We finally took off and flew the 2.5 hours to Toronto… where we had to circle above because of thunder storms. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough fuel to keep circling so we had to divert to Ottawa. Once we got to Ottawa we didn’t have a gate to go to so we just had to sit on the taxiway to get fuelled. At this point – we did not have any more water on board, the toilet was literally about to overflow it was so full and the pilot said he couldn’t get it serviced, there was a woman sick, and another woman who was diabetic and needed food – which we barely had. Luckily, the toilet get serviced (hallelujah), we were able to keep everyone in the plane fairly happy despite everything and honestly these guests were phenomenal. It was such a hard day for everyone, and most of them were so patient and understanding with us. We waiting on the ground in Ottawa for another hour or so before taking off for the 50 minute flight to Toronto. PSA flight attendants do not get paid extra for delays… so I got paid the exact same amount had I not had any delays. (Be nice to your crew who might just be having just as bad a day as you are)!

4. Lost Cell Phone 😦

Hawaii was amazing but my cell phone mysteriously went missing on the city bus near Waikiki 😦 Luckily I have great friends and an awesome boyfriend who found me one so I didn’t have to go tooo long without one. Thanks for supporting my cell phone addition guys.

5. Overnights in Halifax

It had been soooo long since I had layovers in Halifax, but luckily I was able to get back there for 2 nights and enjoy some nice sunshine.

6. West Coast Pairing

I don’t know how I lucked out with another pairing on the West Coast of Canada but I managed to score another Comox layover!

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7. Wolf River Falls 

It’s rare that after years of exploring and hiking in Northwestern, Ontario that I find new gems…. but my first hike of the season was one that I had never done before. My trusty adventure buddy came along with me and we made our way through the bumpiest road in all of northwestern ontario to this gorgeous waterfall. If you’re in the area and want to know how to get here you can read my post about it.

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8. And of course, more embarrassing moments 

What’s my life without embarrassing moments, really? This months great embarrassing moment included me doing the ENTIRE safety demo up front – jokes included and all – without turning on the intercom. I guess I was talking loud enough that the other flight attendant didn’t notice and it wasn’t until a guest at the back pointed at his ears that I realized that the PA was not turned on. Alas, I had to do the entire thing over again. Everyone though it was hilarious though and they gave me a nice round of applause  when I finally finished.

9. Overnights in YYZ with my main man

Now that he’s on summer break I have a travel partner again wooooo hoooo!!! I had a pairing that ended late so I would need a hotel in YYZ and this time rather than sharing with a rando flight attendant I got to share with my bf. Not to mention we got to enjoy a day off in Toronto together.

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Wish me luck with my sanity during these delays for the next few weeks……

xx, S

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