Flight Attendant Pet Peeves

Alright folks its bitch o’clock!!!!! 🙂 I’m normally a patient person but it is officially time to rant about some of the things that just get under my skin when I’m working.

1. People who hand you garbage when you are just walking through the aisle.. in what world is it my job to take your dirty snot infested napkin on my way to the washroom????? Yes, when I have GLOVES on and a GARBAGE bag, I would be happy to.  When I’m bringing someone a drink? Nope. When I’m going to the bathroom? Nope. When I’m doing literally anything other than taking garbage- hell, no.

2. People who don’t say excuse me or something remotely polite to get my attention and instead tell “HEY!” Or hit me with a newspaper ??

3. People who overpack carry ons and then expect me to find a place for it or put it in the overhead bin for them. That’s not my job. You packed it you put it away. You know the size of our carry on bins so if it doesn’t fit that’s not my fault. I’ve literally had a guy throw his backpack in my face because he was so angry that he had to stow it in an overhead bin and couldn’t keep it in the aisle. :):):):):)

4. Anyone who gets mad at me when we have a ground delay. Hi hey hello I understand this sucks, trust me it happens almost every day, but not a whole lot I can do for you and bitching to me is not going to help you at all. Not to mention I’m stuck on the plane serving your butt and I’m not even getting paid. Soooooo (-:

5. When a passenger is rude to you when you ask them to buckle up when the seat belt sign is on or any of the many safety regulations that they need to follow. A) I didn’t come up with these regulations, Transport Canada did B) they are literally their for your safety C) If you don’t care about your safety that’s fine but you’re still legally required to do it D) You don’t need to be a dick when I’m just doing my job


6. People who degrade the responsibility of a flight attendant to someone who offers you a snack and beverage – or even worse people who treat flight attendants with no respect at all. Flight attendants are highly trained and are prepared to help you in emergency situations – there are no police, firefighters, paramedics, etc at 25,000ft; your flight attendant is there to respond to emergencies for your safety and security. Their job is not to serve you. In fact, in my case flight attendants don’t spend any training on the service component of their job – that’s something that they are expected to learn on the job. A flight attendants job could be obsolete if their purpose was to deliver a cookie and water; airlines could simply leave that on your seat when you enter the plane. Treat people with respect yo.

7. People who walking around in the aisles during the flight, or worse parents who let kids do that. You guys understand how dangerous that is right? Like we still are flying through the air in a metal tube that could hit severe turbulence at any moment …

8. When you’re doing service and the passenger doesn’t say thank you or please or have any manners what so ever. You can bet your bottom dollar my response is always going to be “YOURE WELCOME:)”, even if I don’t hear you say thank you.

okay, rant over. for now.


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xx, S

2 thoughts on “Flight Attendant Pet Peeves

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  1. I can not believe you all have to actually go through most of this on a daily basis. I cringe thinking about being rude enough to do most of these things… like randomly hand you may trash?!?… I am so sorry that people do it to all of you without thinking.
    No one should have to deal with this from anyone, no matter what job you have. But at least, it seems, the perks outweigh the crazy guests, since you get to see so many places! Thanks for sharing!


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