Day 2: Zion National Park

This mornings wake up was a million and one times better than the night before. Sleeping in a clean, comfy bed really does wonders. We took it easy in the morning knowing that the only thing on our to-do list was Zion National Park.

It took us about 1.5 hours to get to Zion. Zion was much more than I anticipated. There was an adorable town right by the national park with lots of restaurants, ice cream parlours and little shops. It was insanely busy and there seemed to be cars everywhere. We didn’t know exactly where we were going or where to park as it  the entire road and every parking lot was full of vehicles. We decided to continued to follow our GPS to the visitor center. At the visiter center there was a 2 hour free parking area for customers of this restaurant… we just bit the bullet and took the risk to park there for free (and lucked out too because many hours later and no ticket)! It cost 30$ to enter the park (15$ each, or 30$ for one car). There is a shuttle bus that leaves from the visiter center every 7-10 minutes to drop hikers at different hiking points listed on the map throughout the park. If you get there early enough and want a challenging hike I would recommend “observers point” – you will get the absolute best views of the park but it is about a 6 hour journey. We weren’t totally ready to spend 6 hours in the Utah heat so we chose a different hike that still gave us stunning views of the Park!

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We drove through the Park to get back to Kanab and the drive was gorgeouuuus.

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I love my travel partner for really weird reasons like 1) he loves social media almost as much as I do so there’s no judgement when we get back to our wifi and sit in silence on our phones for about 20 minutes. 2) He’s also down to go get some wings and drink at any point in time.

After our chicken wing picnic, we headed back to our airbnb and are currently listening to cows mooing and birds chirping while we sit on the side of a quiet highway across from the Kanab airport enjoying our cold ciders.


xx, S

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