Day 3: Bryce Canyon National Park

This morning we packed up, said goodbye to our airbnb, and left for Bryce Canyon National Park. The drive to Bryce from Kanab was a quick 1.5 hours. Bryce Canyon was unlike anything I have ever seen before. It’s composed of what are called “hoodoos.” These hoodoos are created from over 200 freeze/thaw cycles that continuously work to erode the edges of the rock formation.

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Some of these hoodoos at Bryce Canyon soar up to 150 feet high. They are absolutely stunning and one of the most phenomenal natural things I have ever seen. You truly felt like you were on another planet looking out over these things.

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The National Park starts at the top of these hoodoos – which is amazing because it allows everyone of every age and ability to enjoy the view. There is a paved path along the top with benches and view points.

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Then if you wish you can chose which way down into the hoodoos you’d like to hike!

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After exploring this national park for a few hours we started our drive to Moab, UT. From Bryce Canyon it’s a 4.5 hour drive. Moab is a small but thriving little town with a wide variety of restaurants, fast food places, coffee shops, grocery stores, and shops. For dinner we stopped at Zax restaurant and I devoured a delicious gluten free burger. nom nom nom. nom. nom.


xx, S

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