My Life Inflight: May

Where has the time gone? How it is ALREADY june 9th!!! It’s been so nice out lately that I’ve been slacking really hard with my blog posts. So here is the quite delayed post for May. Enjoy!

1. For starters, and maybe the most exciting part of this month – end of runway construction at Pearson!!!!! HALLELUJAH! Let flights finally be on time (or closer to at least). I know it’ll be back in the fall but it has been a world of a difference since the construction ended.

2. I moved into a new crash pad in YYZ this month. This one is SO much better than the last. It’s in the same “questionable” neighbourhood but so far the building that I’m in seems much more safe. The apartment itself is also wonderfully clean and organized and everyone who lives there seems to be really respectful of one another. Not to mention it apparently has a pool which I will definitely be hitting up on my reserve in YYZ – just in time for the heat wave!

3. This month I got to reunite with an old friend I met while living in France!! She is also Canadian but from Southern Ontario and had come up to Thunder Bay to do a placement. Although my hectic schedule didn’t allow much time to be spent together I did get to take her up Mount McKay.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

4. I only had a few pairings in May, but I worked with some awesome people. When you’re stuck with the same people for a few days it’s a real blessing when you all get along. This month I made some new friends and got to reunite with some flight attendants I hadn’t seen in a while.

5. I’ve been getting a little spoiled with time off lately it feels like.. but last month I had my vacation and had almost 2 weeks off. I spent the first few days just catching up on sleep that I’ve missed out on these last few months. Then, my boyfriend and I headed to the States to do a road trip through Utah and check out some national parks. I’ve also been really slow to blog about our trip.. but maybe I will finally finish on my reserve this weekend in Toronto.. by the pool of course.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset


Cheers, xx S

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