My Life Inflight: June

oooohhhh we’re halfway thereeee ooooohhhh. Can you believe it? Already half way through 2017. I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone by. I’m so grateful for all the amazing experiences (and crazy ones) i’ve had the past few months. I’m even more grateful for all the wonderful places it has taken me – across Canada and abroad. I’ve made some great friends and worked with some wonderful people these past few months. It’s been such a privilege and these memories will last me a lifetime. I can’t wait to be a grandma and one day get to share these stories with my kids and grandkids. Thinking about the future makes me excited, but I’ve lived life so far in a way that if I weren’t to make it to that age I wouldn’t be regretful. I never want to wait to live life – life is meant to be lived every moment. How do you feel about the first half of 2017? Are you grateful for the accomplishments and memories made, or are you wishing things could have been different? We still have 6 more months left so make it count! 

Here’s what I’be been up to the past few weeks:

1. I bought a caaaaaar!!!!! Vroom vroom here I come 

I adulted a little bit this month and FINALLY bought my own (used) car!! Now I no longer need to ask my parents and boyfriend to drive me to and from the airport at all hours of the day AND I get to sleep at home when I have YQT layovers!!!!

2. Quebec City Layovers!! 

One of the best parts of this month was when I got called in to have some Quebec City overnights. It was such a perfect pairing. The flights were great, the weather was ideal and we finished by 130 pm every day so we had the afternoons to enjoy the city aaaaand the pool on the rooftop of the hotel!

3. Travelled to Los Angeles

This month my good friend Mia and I spent three nights chilling in L.A. We booked this awesome airbnb right on the venice boardwalk and hung out in the area for the weekend. It was such a great little weekend trip and I oculdn’t have asked for a better person to come with.

4. Reserve bulllllshiiiiiiit

I’m not going to sugar coat this one because honestly it sucked. A lot. I was on AM reserve for 4 days and it was day 1 of my reserve. For those who aren’t familiar, AM reserve just means that I was on call from 330 am to 130 pm. The day before the start of my reserve I got a call from crew scheduling asking that I came in for ready reserve from 830 am to 130 pm. This meant that I had to be at the airport ready in uniform and waiting for a call for 5 hours (ps. We only get paid for 4 hours of reserve.. even if you’re on ready reserve for 5 hours..). So I sat and waited… the hours ticked by and I only had TWENTY minutes left of my reserve when my phone started to ring. Crew sched wanted me to start flying at 330 and work until 1230 PM. The way it works for our job is that you’re guaranteed 4 hours pay on reserve but if you get called in and work over that than you just get paid the hours you worked. So I worked from 830 am to 1230 pm and got paid 6 hours. Not only that but legally we are only able to work 14 hours before you need our permission to go over and this is only in extenuating circumstances (i.e. We are stuck somewhere and need to fly back to our base). On reserve it’s different because you’re at home (typically) so you can get called in to work longer than 14 hours if your reserve started at 330 am. So when I got called I asked how it was legal to have me working for 15 hours and was told that because it was reserve my duty day didn’t technically start at 830 am. Even though I was at the airport. In uniform. Waiting. Not free whatsoever. I sucked it up because what else do you do.. and worked a 15 hour day getting paid 6 hours 🙂 Still want to be a flight attendant?

5. Got a little muddy

On one of my weekends off in Thunder Bay I took part in a mud run for the Canadian Cancer Society! It was the first mud run I had ever done and it didn’t disappoint. My girlfriends and I all did it together and we had a blast raising money for this amazing charity… and also having a few beers!

6. Working With Class 24 

This month I got to work with two people I became flight attendants with last fall! David and I got to spend some time flying around Quebec and Veronique and I had a blast sipping on some pitchers of sangria poolside in Fredericton. #class24

7. Work work work work WORK

This month I started picking up some shifts as a lifeguard again on my days off in Thunder Bay. I lifeguarded all through high school and university and absolutely love it – especially in the summer where I can work at outdoor pools and beaches. With my new car, and travelling so much I needed a little extra crash flow so I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy.. like usual!

Next month is going to be a busy one work wise. I’m planning on taking it easy July/August travel wise. I have some concerts to go to and I’ll likely do a day trip to NY but that may be all in my agenda for the next two months… unless my boyfriend convinces me to go to Dublin of course..

xx, S

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