My Life Inflight: July

The longer I work this job, the less I find mself writing about my flight atttendant life and more about my life when I get home from being a flight attendant. Typically because those moments are rare and special.. because of my chaotic flight attendant life. I spent a lot of time doing non-inflight things this past month because I looove summer so much.. but I promise to write more about my inflight life in August!

1. I made it in the WestJet Magazine!!! Wooo


2. Went camping with my friends on some days off

Processed with VSCO with acg preset

3. Hiked to the top of the Sleeping Giant

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

4. Travelled to Scotland with my main man

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

5. Worked with some amazing people (like usual) and had a blast in Fredericton!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

6. Went tubing (river rat tubing) in tbay during a layover with my crew


7. Met up with my sister Sam downtown Toronto and saw the worlds only preserved blue whale



womp, womp, womp. All was well this month EXCEPT commuting. Flights have been so full, thunderstorms have caused lots of delays and cancellations which has made it a pain to get back to Thunder Bay after work – luckily I’ve had no issues getting to work. One time my 545 flight (which was full) was cancelled, so I had to wait till 10 pm to hopefully hop on that one. It ended up being delayed until 1:30 AM and I just BARELY made it on. I got home 13 hours later than expected 😦 t’was not fun.

Next month I promise to write more about my life inflight and not my life out of flight 😉 heheh

xx, S

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