My Life Inflight: August

Bye, bye Summer! You were a slice!

1. Birthday Surprise

I surprised a woman with a ring from her boyfriend on one of my flights!!! I was so nervous, it was embarrassing. But you should have seen the look on her face! Cutest gift ever. Site note though guys: don’t surprise a girl with a ring unless its a proposal ahahah.


2. IROP Resulting in Halifax Layovers

I was supposed to have overnights in Thunder Bay on one of my first pairings of this month. However, we were flying in the East Coast making our way to Montreal when we were delayed so much due to thunderstorms that we went over our duty day. We then waiting 3 hours for a hotel in Halifax, and ended up having our 4-day pairing completely switched around. We spent all 3 nights in halifax instead of Thunder Bay – not the worst surprise in the world! I have a love/hate relationship with IROPS. It’s awful working 14 hours and being exhausted with minimum rest and only getting paid for the 4-5 hours of flight time you did.. BUT it can be fun ending up in a city you didn’t expect – especially when you have a killer crew!


3. Flew on the Disney Plane!!

On the same pairing where I got stuck in Halifax, we had to deadhead home to Toronto at the end of our four days and were put on the Disney plane!! I was pretty excited because I’ve never flown on one of the specialty planes yet. It was all amazing minus the fact that it was our last flight of the pairing, and it was delayed for 4 hours.


4. Jump Seat Life

I flew in the jump seat of the flight deck sooo many times this month! Commuting was a drag in August. However, as long as I’m not extraordinarily tired flying in the flight deck is always a treat.

Processed with VSCO with nc preset

5. Commuting Hell

Commuting sucked this summer. Everyone from Thunder Bay was travelling, there are a lot of new commuters in Thunder Bay, and thunderstorms made my flights getting to work a total mess. I ended up missing a pairing this month 😦 Luckily, once I finally made it to Toronto Crew Sched gave me a new pairing so I didn’t lose out on too many hours!



I got to see Coldplay in Toronto this month with my boyfriend to celebrate our two years together! It was such a good concert, and an even more amazing few days in Toronto.


7. First Layover in Moncton

I’ve been avoiding Moncton layovers.. the flights are way too long in that tiny plane, and from my experience, there tends to be weirdos on these flights. But I had my first layover, and although it was a minimum rest one I’m excited to have more! There’s so much to explore in the city and surrounding area. I really want to go back and check out the bay of fundy!!


8. Lots of Quebec Layovers 

I had some reserve this month (which I got called in for every time thank goodness), and ended up spending a lot more time in Quebec. So grateful – I love this city!!



September is going to be a no-travel (besides work) month for me, sadly.  I have my annual flight attendant training coming up in October so I will be busy studying. Plus, I have a LOT of travel plans for OCT-NOV-DEC (Ireland-Banff-Vancouver-South America-France) so I need to work hard and save some money.

xx, S

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