My Life Inflight: September


I’ve travelled to 23 different countries & all over Canada, but up until this month I had yet to go downtown Montreal. Crazy, right? I had a longer than normal layover there this month so I took the opportunity to go for some dinner and drinks in Old Montreal with another Flight Attendant.


2. Go around (missed approach) in Toronto

I’ve only had a few of these so they are still cool to me! This happens when the cabin is totally secured for landing, the wheels have come down and you’re going in to land when all of a sudden the wheels retract and the aircraft quickly ascends back to a higher altitude. It can happen for soooo so SO many different reasons –  I’ve even heard it happen because of animals on a runway. This one wasn’t as exciting- just good ole traffic at Pearson Airport.

3. Continually messed up the exact same announcement

I just could not get it right. I messed it up THREE TIMES. I kept doing the descent announcement in French when I was supposed to be doing the cabin baggage (pre-take off announcement) LOL UGH and then every single day following both myself AND the other flight attendant kept making the same mistake!!! We sucked and it was hilarious.

4. I went to Ireland yaaaaaas

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

5. Thankful Parent from Previous Flight

I was operating a regular flight from YQT-YYZ, one that I do quite often. I was serving this older gentleman while the woman sitting beside him was smiling ear to ear. I assumed she was his daughter and was just happy with how I was treating him – him and I were  having some laughs because we were both having a hard time hearing each other so I went to serve him something when he asked for something else. Anyways, when I went to ask this woman what I could get for her, she told me that I was her son’s flight attendant for his first flight ever 10 months ago and that he has been talking about how awesome this flight was ever since. She was so excited to be on my flight and wanted to thank me from the bottom of her heart for making his flight so special for him. <3<3<3

6. Celebrated my 1 year anniversary as a flight attendant !!!

I can’t believe how fast this has gone by…!! It feels like just yesterday I was in initial training to become a flight attendant.. and now here I am one year later getting re-certified after having flown six hundred and seven flights! WOW


xx, S

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