50 Things I’m Thankful For

Awe this post makes me so happy every year. This tradition started for me in 2014, when I realized as I took the last bite out of a stale rice cake sitting at an airport waiting for my flight back to Lyon, France – that it was indeed thanksgiving. And while I was barely enjoying that rice cake, my crazy family was gathered all together back in Thunder Bay enjoying some hilariously weird rendition of Canadian-Italian Thanksgiving food (basically Turkey and Lasagna with a side salad). I decided that instead of being sad for missing out on thanksgiving, I would write 50 things I was grateful for in that moment, and every year since I’ve continued to do just that. So here is my 2017 version of 50 things I am grateful for today.

1. Actually being home for thanksgiving WEOO lasagna and turkey here we come

2. Warm houses when it’s cold outside

3. Any holiday season- when everyone is home with family and thinking of others

4. A good cup of coffee

5. All the traveling I’ve done this year

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6. This amazing and beautiful planet we live on




8. and all other food for that matter

9. People who eat gluten free and don’t have an allergy (SO MANY MORE OPTIONS NOW)

10. Thankful to be a flight attendant

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11. All the amazing people I’ve become friends with working at WestJet

12. When the standby Gods are in my favour and I get home/get to where I need to be

13. Getting to fly in the flight deck


14. People who are positive even when things aren’t going their way

15. Being able to jet off to Europe for the weekend


16. Being able to shop when I head to Europe for the weekend

17. Spontaneous adventures and people who join me on them

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18. Thankful for genuinely kind people

19. For my adorable and hilarious and weird dogs


20. For my crash pad and knowing that if I don’t make it home, I have a second home in Toronto (even tho I live in the hood)

21. Thankful I’ve never experienced anything terrible in and around my crash pad and that I’ve always slept through the scary shit

22. Grateful for Facetime and the internet – it’s made being away from loved ones a little bit easier ❤


23. Being able to download shows on netflix !! LOVE

24. Getting to sleep in my own bed

25. Everyone who used to drive me everywhere before I got my own car


26. Having my own car finally!! VROOM VROOM

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27. Exercise – I would be a stressful nightmare if I wasn’t able to run and go to the gym

28. Having YQT layovers ❤


29. When you get the row to yourself on a flight

30. Getting to go to new places with work – Kelowna here I come!!

31. Getting to sleep in and not having any responsibilities for the day

32. But also having responsibilities and things that keep me busy

33. Good music!!!

34. Sunrises, sunsets, mountains and oceans. Thank you for making me feel small and humble and filling life with your constant beauty

Processed with VSCO with tk preset

35. Having an education

36. Still grateful for this photo


37. Did I say popcorn yet? Definitely grateful for popcorn

38. For my friends ❤


39. Cuddling and getting my back rubbed THANKS TONY

40. Feminism !!!  I am soo thankful for all the women and men who made it possible for me to even express this, have opinions, get an education, or be respected as an equal. Not only the ones who made this possible, but the women and men who continue to make it possible.

41. Thankful for Tessa ❤


42. A good glass of wine and an even better conversation


43. All my travel friends and the wonderful people I’ve met and have helped me through hard times abroad

44. Thankful for living in, and growing up in Thunder Bay


45. Thankful for all the experiences good and bad that I’ve had that have helped bring me to where I am today

46. For having multiple places and people who make me feel at home

47. I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am for this guy. So thankful for the unwavering and unconditional love you give me and ever so grateful for all the spontaneous and crazy things you’ve agreed to do with me. Thanks for travelling with me so much this year, it has been one hell of an amazing year with you.

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48. My family

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

49. To be born in privilege and opportunity


50. To be living the life I want


xx, S

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