My Life Inflight: October 👻

1. The Case of the Mysterious Buzzing Sound 

After we finished the safety demo, I was about to start my checks when I could hear an unusual buzzing sound. In this industry, a strange sound is always one that you get to the bottom of. I immediately investigated and started searching around in the overhead bins. I realized that it was coming from someones bag so I started asking those in the surrounding areas who’s bag it belonged to.. not even thinking about what could be buzzing inside the bag… ahem.. if you know what I mean. A lot of people shook their heads or were laughing until one woman nudged her husband and said “hey isn’t that your bag..” He looked confused and then went to open his bag to find out what was buzzing.  Turns out his electric tooth brush was accidentally turned on and we were all glad it was just a toothbrush.

2. I passed my annual training

Every year flight attendants need to go back to the training center for a few days of drills and exams to be re-certified as a flight attendant. I definitely didn’t miss being back there but it was nice getting to see a lot of people that I graduated my initial training class with and I am officially a flight attendant for another year! Weooo


3. Banff with Tony! 

This month I got to go on yet another fun adventure with my guy. My schedule was a little hectic so we were only able to go for 2 nights but it was a ton of fun. We stayed in Canmore and got to see Lake Louise, Johnson Canyon, Peyto Lake, Banff Upper Hot Springs and of course, the beautiful towns, Banff and Canmore.

4. Quebec Night 

I love Quebec City honestly. Every time I have layovers here I always have a ton of fun. It was Sunday night when we got in so I wasn’t expecting any places to be open. Luckily, I was wrong and we found a super fun pub and even a poutinerie for a late night snack afterwards.

5. Western Pairing 

Awwee yeah! This month I headed back out West for another good ole’ 5 day pairing. During this pairing I even got to visit two Canadian cities I had never been to – Saskatoon and Kamloops!!! Loved them both honestly. Saskatoon had a lot of cute (and delicious) coffee and stores.

Processed with VSCO with 8 preset

6. Got to see Marie and Bailey!!

So I’m not the smartest cookie out there because this entire month I thought YKA was Kelowna, and therefore, that I had a layover in Kelowna – not Kamloops. So I showed up to my pairing telling my crew how pumped I was for Kelowna, only to embarrass myself (like usual) and find out that YKA was not in fact Kelowna and that we were heading to Kamloops. Well, jokes on everyone else because I was even more excited to go to Kamloops because it meant I got to visit a good friend and her adorable golden retriever!!! Her boyfriend and her took me on a tour of the city, we climbed one of the hills to get a gorgeous city view and they even got me some tasty Okanagan wine.

Now I have a whole 18 days off and I’m heading to Hawaii & Fiji!!!

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xx, S

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