The only things that actually suck about solo travel

Everyone always asks me how I travel by myself and if I’m not bored or lonely or how I survive or whatever other awful things they think will happen if I’m by myself. So, on my most recent solo adventure I  decided to see if their concerns had merit and compiled a list of the things that legitimately sucked about being on my own:

  • you have no one to put sunscreen on your back so it either takes you being incredibly patient and flexible to fully cover yourself, or you end up with a nice burn line down the middle of your back
  • no one laughs at your jokes or funny things that happen along the way so you end up laughing alone and looking crazy
  • getting sick and not having anyone there to make you feel better or take care of you sucks monkey butts
  • getting stuck somewhere alone and having to deal with it by yourself
  • not being able to share the price of a taxi
  • you don’t have anyone to talk to about your stories with years later and be like “hahaha remember when” so you just sit there talking and laughing to yourself

Of course, once you meet people on your solo adventures all of these problems go away.

So yep. That’s all I could think of two weeks alone on the other side of the world in an incredible remote destination, having nightmare standby experiences, being incredibly sick and even having a near death experience. It was still one of the most adventurous, and fun trips (even though I was by myself). I met so many incredible people and did not for a second wish that I wasn’t doing it solo.


xx, S

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  1. I can totally relate. When I went to study abroad on my own I remembered thinking the worst case scenarios. Although, once I was there and saw the archetectures, the people and immersing myself in a different culture, there was little room to worry. It really was all worth it going solo and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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