My 2018 Travel Plans

2017 was absolutely phenomenal in the world of travel. It was a year filled with unforgettable adventures and will be very hard to beat. This year however, marks the year that I will finally be setting foot in a continent I have longed to visit. I will be heading to Southeast Asia for 2 months this spring!! It will be so worth the years of waiting and daydreaming.

Instead of making New Years resolutions I made a bucket list for 2018, and on that list I made an overly ambitious goal of setting foot in 10 new countries. So, at the end of January (like, on Monday lol) I have a stretch of days off after a very long and hectic work schedule so I haven’t quite decided if I’m going to stay at home and hide from airports or go find a new beach to stretch out on. Let’s be honest.. there’s a good chance you’ll find me eating tacos and sipping margaritas poolside in Mexico by next Wednesday.

February and March I’ll definitely be heading off to new places because I have almost a whole month off! First I’m heading to Havana and Vinales with my sister for 5 days and then it’s off to the Philippines. I had the shortest layover in Korea on my way home from Fiji and it was so cool just being in the airport that I would love to go back and explore Seoul for a few days. Since I’m heading to the Philippines and flying standby I figured I might as try to fly through Korea on the way there or the way back and spend a few nights in Seoul too!

In April I know I’ll be working by butt off but maybe I’ll give myself a few nights to skip away to Barbados.

And then my highly anticipated Southeast Asia adventure begins at the start of May. I haven’t planned this out at all yet, but you can expect me to visit Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos for sure.

The rest of the year is pretty up in the air…. (hehe I love airplane puns). But I anticipate at least 1 or two more week long adventures. I’m debating between Nicaragua, Peru and Iceland.

Follow me on instagram: stephnordlund to see where my adventures take me this year!

Potential 2018 travel destinations:

  • Mexico
  • Cuba
  • Philippines
  • Korea
  • Barbados
  • Hong Kong
  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam
  • Laos
  • Thailand
  • Nicaragua
  • Peru
  • Iceland

xx, S

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