7 Ways to Save Money on the Road as a Flight Attendant

1. Drink Hotel Coffee

I know you don’t want to. No one wants to. Often hotels will have coffee made in the lobby, so if you bring your own travel mug you can fill up before you go. I did this for an entire month, and although I missed my Starbucks it definitely helped me save money. My favourite coffee mugs are the ones from davids tea – they’re leak proof and stay hot for a good 8 hours.

2. Bring Non-Perishable Food With You

Sometimes the fridge in your room mysteriously stops working throughout the night, or you have such a long day that your food is too questionable to eat so you resort to ordering room service or going out to a restaurant if you have time. It’s always a good idea to travel with a good supply of non-perishables with you. I love packing instant soups, oatmeals, granola bars, crackers, popcorn, and cans of soup – just buy the ones with the lid opener and a container to heat it up in a microwave!

3. Grocery Shop on the Road

Another way to avoid wasting money on spoiled food is grocery shopping on the road. Pack enough food for day 1 and 2 of the pairing and grab some fresh foods at a grocery store near the hotel for day 3 and 4. Of course, this only works if you have enough time to run to the grocery store.. which is why it’s always a good idea to follow #2 and have non-perishable food with you too!!

4. Limit Nights Out With the Crew

Going out with your crew can be fun, and is honestly important to do sometimes. A good idea is to keep track of how often you’re doing it and limiting it to once a pairing, or only a few times a month – something that works for you and your schedule.

5. Look for Crew Discounts

Ask the hotel if there is a discount at the hotel restaurant or restaurants nearby. Often restaurants will take advantage of the fact that there are consistently crews coming in and will offer discounts from 10-20%!

6. Pack Wisely

Know what your month or pairing is going to look like and make sure you’ve packed everything so that you don’t end up buying something that you have at home but forgot to bring.

7. Keep Track of Your Spending

The best way to save money is to keep track of where your money is going. Every month make a note in your phone and categorize your spending (Food, drinks, coffee, etc.) then see if you’re spending more in a certain area than you thought and look at how you can change your budget for the next month.

xx, S

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