5 Reasons to Travel Solo

1. It builds confidence

You don’t have anyone to rely on, take care of you or help you find your way. It’s just you. That can be scary, but it’s also rewarding. Being able to navigate your way through foreign countries and solve problems as they come builds confidence and gives you independence.

My first solo trip to Portugal in 2014

2. It’s easy (and often more inviting) to make new friends

Solo travellers attract solo travellers – if you’re travelling solo you’re looking to make friends which makes you more approachable and easy to bond with.

DCIM130GOPRO Processed with VSCO with fs1 preset
My Fiji Fam: Germany, Switzerland, Scotland and Canada ❤

3. You get to do whatever you want

If you want to lay on a beach all day in read. Great, do it. If you want to spend all day museum hopping – why not, go for itttt. If you want to go explore and find a new adventure – then you’re the only one in charge. You get to eat what you want, sleep when you want, go where you want and do whatever you want.

Visiting the cliffs of Moher in Ireland!

4. You Control your Budget

I know, I know. You “always” control your own budget even when you’re travelling with others. Let’s be real though, if the person you’re travelling with REALLY wants to do this extravagant thing and you cant afford you’re a) going to feel guilty or b) spend money you don’t have. You might also be the friend who wants to splurge and your travel buddy can’t afford to so you’re stuck making them feel bad or doing it without them and making them feel left out. Either way not bueno.

Processed with VSCO with acg preset
Aloha Hawaiiiiiii

5. And most importantly of all, you don’t need to share your snacks.

Processed with VSCO with fs1 preset



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