10 Reasons to Backpack Costa Rica

When people ask me where they should backpack, whether they’re seasoned backpackers or going for the first time, my first thought is always Costa Rica. Costa Rica blew my expectations way out of the water. I couldn’t have imagined seeing and doing as much as I had in the three weeks that I was there, especially for how little it cost. So here’s why I think you need to travel to Costa Rica: 1. There’s something for everyone

Seriously, no matter what you’re into you’ll find it in Costa Rica. We spent time climbing volcanoes, playing with monkeys, lounging on beaches, hiking, hiding from weird bugs, quading, becoming snapchat famous (5 million views y’all), eating, drinking, and failing at surfing. My point is that if you only have one week and you’re looking for a cool place to escape to – Costa Rica is perfect, and if you have an entire month and are looking to really explore – the Costa Rica is still perfect. Whether your plan is to lounge on a beach, hike a volcano, or hangout with sloths – you will find that in this amazing country. 

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2. It’s Affordable 

Like really, really affordable. For the experience that you’ll have, you’ll be shocked at how little you spent. Including the flight I only spent 1,500 CAD – you can check out my budget breakdown here. We did extra tours, and never felt like we were slumming it and still managed to stay at $1,500 INCLUDING our flight. Having an experience like we had, for that cheap, is pretty fricken phenomenal. 

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset3. It’s safe

If you’re looking for a place that you’ll feel comfortable (especially if you’re going solo), then Costa Rica is for you. I never once felt unsafe here, and we were taking local buses, staying at hostels and don’t speak Spanish. 

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4. Lots of great hostels 

Every single hostel we stayed at was amazing. One hostel in Santa Teresa was on the beach and had yoga classes offered all day. Another in La Fortuna was essentially a resort and had a gorgeous pool (and most importantly, pool bar).

5. Monkeys & Sloths!!!

If seeing monkeys, sloths and other adorable animals is on your bucket list then Costa Rica is for you. 

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6. Picturesque Beaches 

The beaches in Costa Rica are postcard worthy perfect. They’re lined with palm trees, jungle, gorgeous sunsets and the odd monkey or two. 


7. The coooooolest volcanos (that you can hike) 

Costa Rica was my first time seeing or hiking a volcano. Seeing these beautiful wonders was absolutely surreal. Climbing one (an inactive one), was one of the hardest and most rewarding things I’ve done. 

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8. Delicious Coffee 

Although this might not really determine where I travel to, it definitely helps make the trip more amazing. Costa Rica had such yummy coffee. Especially in La Fortuna and Santa Teresa. 

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9. Great Surfing 

Surfing your thing? (or watching surfers your thing? Cool, mine too). Santa Teresa is a surfers paradise. This little town is so hip and has some of the best surfing and coolest vibes in Costa Rica. It’s the kind of place you think to yourself that you could easily buy a little house, and live for the rest of your life. You’re not alone in feeling this when you come here. In fact, a lot of the hostel and restaurant owners felt the same way when they came to this beautiful place. My favourite restaurant here is a crepe shop owned by a French woman who came to Costa Rica and decided she didn’t want to leave. Now she lives there, makes delicious crepes for us to enjoy and has rescued some really fricken cute stray dogs.


10. So much to explore

We spent three weeks backpacking Costa Rica and saw everything from volcanos to beaches to monkeys attacking us in the jungle and yet, I still feel like there is so much of this amazing country left to see. 

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I hope this has convinced you to go to Costa Rica, because it’s definitely convinced me I need to go back. Take me with you !!!! 

xx, S 

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