10 Hacks to Have a Better Sleep in a Hotel

1. Use the hanger to close the curtains together so the sun doesn’t wake you up in the morning

2. Turn the fan from auto to either on or off depending on if you like white noise to sleep. If not it will be turning on and off all night and could wake you up

3. Cover bright lights and clocks with a pillow or sweater

4. Set a Wake up Call – just in case!

5. Always put up the do not disturb sign. That way none of the cleaning staff will come in and wake you up and other guests will see it and maybe be more quiet in the hall

6. Avoid bed bugs!!! Check the bed for these creepy crawlers by looking at the folds of the mattress for any stains that look bloody. These guys hide in crevices so avoid these areas – and definitely avoid any couches or chairs. If you’re really worried – the bathtub is the place to put your luggage. If not I just opt for the floor – ideally not on the carpet, but if it’s unavoidable then I just lay it on the ground.

7. Set the temperature cooler – having the temp too warm will wake you up in the middle of the night. I always keep it around 19-20 Celsius (69-71 Fahrenheit) so that I can cozy up in bed

8. Get rid of the decorative pillows on your bed ASAP. These are never washed and are nasty nasty nasty.

9. If there’s a connecting door put a towel at the bottom of it to block light and to muffle sounds

10. And always have an eye mask and ear plugs with you just in case

xx, S

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