5 Things to do in Lyon, France

1. Eat everything! 

Lyon is the gastronomic center of France… and France is what, the gastronomic center of the world? So basically Lyon is where the best food in the world can be found. There are hundreds of delicious restaurants catering to all budgets just calling your names. Time to dig in!

Yes, this is basically just cheese and cream and potatoes and it is hellllllla amazing.

2. Basilique de Fourviere

The best part of visiting this stunning Basilica is the view of Lyon from outside it. You could have the perfect afternoon exploring Vieux Lyon and then taking the funicular from the metro station in Vieux Lyon up to the Basilique de Fourviere. You could always walk up the hill, or walk down, but I definitely recommend taking the funicular one way – it’s part of the cute Lyon experience.

3. Walk around each arrondissement 

You could spend the whole day just walking around Lyon exploring each neighbourhood and never be bored. Each arrondissement has so much to offer. You could walk around the Parc de Tete D’Ors in arrondissement 6, or shop at one of the many many stores (my faves: pimkie, mango & etam) in arrondissement 1 & 2, or head to arrondissement 4 (La Croix Rousse) to see some more amazing views of the city and stop in my favourite cafe (J’adore Cafe).

4. Free Museums

There are soooo so so SO many museums in this amazing city, and a lot of them are free to go to. Take advantage and learn about this city or go see some amazing art. It’s such a privilege and shouldn’t be taken for granted!

5. Vieux Lyon 

Vieux Lyon is my favourite part of the city. It’s home to some of the best restaurants, cutest bars and delicious ice cream shops. Make sure you spend some time here. Take a break from all the walking at one of my fave bars -Betty’s Bar or Saint James. There are so many hidden gems here – don’t miss Le Compton De Mathilde Chocolaterie & Epicerie for some of the most creative and delicious handmade chocolate you’ll ever find.

xx, S

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