10 Tips for Backpacking Belize

1. You can use USD or BZD

Everything is priced in both US and Belize dollars. Some places won’t even have things priced in BZD and only in USD but will accept both. You’ll notice too that sometimes they will give you change in US because that’s all they have. So if you have USD and don’t want to convert it you will have no problem! 

2. Find Happy Hours or Drink Beer 

Alcohol, just like almost everything else in Belize (and especially on the islands) is expensive. Beers are always the cheapest options – especially domestic ones which are actually quite good. If you aren’t into beers then it’s not hard to find a good happy hour either!

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3. Take taxi’s in Belize City

Belize City is not the safest city in the world. Most locals will recommend that you don’t walk around and tourists will advise you to just get out right away. Belize city can be dangerous and it’s not very nice anyways. Even if you have a flight in the morning/afternoon I would recommend staying somewhere else and then taking a taxi to the airport in the morning. Even for a 10 minute walk you should take a taxi unless you know the area and you are with a group of people. Taxi’s are not expensive at all – it cost us only 2 USD each to get from the bus terminal to the ferry port.

4. Free Yoga on Caye Caulker @ RandOM Yoga

This yoga studio, RandOM Yoga, is phenomenal. The teacher, Jessie Wigh, does an amazing job making the class suitable for all abilities. She also has it set up so that the class is donation based so that everyone is able to have yoga in their lives. She leaves a little jar out after class and if you can afford to, then you can put money in it at the end. The yoga class is on the roof of Namaste Cafe so there’s a beautiful view and great breeze.

5. Flight over the blue hole only 200 USD – diving in the blue hole 300 USD

Ah, the magical Belize Blue Hole. This is a definite highlight for a lot of travellers to Belize. Personally, it was one of the only things I knew about Belize before I spontaneously decided to go. Seeing the blue hole was a top priority for me. As I’m not a scuba diver we decided to charter a plane and do a scenic flight over it. That’s really the only way you’ll be able to actually see the shape of the blue hole – otherwise you can dive in it but you won’t really get to see it. The flight set us back only 200 USD and was one of the coolest experiences I have had! If you are a diver and you want to do the dive then be prepared to save some money – diving in the blue hole will cost you about 300 USD.

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6. English is the national language !!

Who thought they spoke Spanish in Belize?! Okay, well I did. It was so strange to go from travelling surrounding countries to Belize because everyone speaks English!!! No more embarrassing yourself with your poor Spanish skills WEOOO!

7. Bring bug spray for Caye Caulker

If you’re like me and get eaten alive by bugs then you’re going to want some bug spray for when the sun sets in Caye Caulker. I’m not sure if this is a year round thing but when I was there as soon as the sun would go down the bugs would come out and it would be incredibly uncomfortable if you didn’t have any bug spray!

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8. Grocery shop 

Sadly, food is expensive in Belize and especially on the islands. If you’re on a budget the cheapest way to eat is to just grocery shop and cook at your hostel. Most restaurants will set you back about 20 BZD for a meal which can add up quite quickly. If you don’t mind spending the money though, there are some VERY delicious places to eat around Caye Caulker!

9. Wifi Everywhere

Wifi is everywhere here! You can get it at hotels, restaurants, and even some beaches.

10. Go to KOKO King 

KOKO King is this beautiful beach that is on an island right by Caye Caulker. You need to take a boat to get there (or you could kayak too!). There’s a free boat from Caye Caulker and if you buy something from the restaurant it’s free on the way back too. The beach is stunning here, you will not regret coming!!!

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Enjoy Belize!

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