10 Best Parts of Being a Flight Attendant 

1. The Travel Benefits

I got into this job because I wanted to travel around the world and I didn’t want to spend all my money doing it. My salary as a flight attendant is not amazing, but regardless I’ve been able to live this incredible life while working at this job thanks to those travel benefits. Last year I travelled almost every month – to Hawaii twice, Europe 4 times and I even made it down to Fiji! Not only do we get sweet deals with our own company, but we also get standby prices with our partner airlines so we can travel all around the world on standby.


2. The other crew members that you work with

The travel benefits are why I became a flight attendant, but becoming a flight attendant made me realize that this is just a nice addition to the beautiful parts about this job, like my real favourite part: the people I work with. I have worked with some of the most hilarious, hardworking, kind, thoughtful, genuine, and fun people. They are what make work worth going to every single day. Most times I go to work it’s with new crews I have never worked with. At first this used to intimidate me – I’d be travelling with 3 other people for the next few days and I had no idea what they were like. Now, I know they are just amazing people (like 99.9% of the time) who make IROPS and long days better with their senses of humour and support.


3. Getting to work with awesome people from all over Canada

That being said, it’s also really cool that we get to work with people all over Canada (and the U.S. and internationally). This job has given me the privilege of becoming friends and getting to know people from coast to coast in Canada. Whether they are customer service agents or ramp crew there are some amazing people who work for this company and it is awesome working with people from different cities and different countries every day. My favourite example of this is when we were diverted to Fredericton Christmas night 2017 and the security employees (who don’t work for my company) literally gave myself and the other flight attendant their leftover food for dinner and it was an absolutely feast while we waiting to take off because of a storm out east. We were very tired and burnt out and these people helped fuel us so that we were able to fly people to where they needed to be on Christmas. Then later that night when we finally got to our hotel there was a turkey dinner waiting for us that an employee had made and dropped off.


4. Getting to fly in the flight deck 

This is one privilege I never even knew I would get when I became a flight attendant. In todays aviation world, so many people will never ever get to experience of take off and landing from the flight deck view. Never mind getting to see the northern lights shine so bright above the clouds while flying home from Toronto to Thunder Bay, or the view of the Rocky Mountains from up above. This is one of those perks of being a flight attendant that’s just priceless.

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5. Living and working in two different cities

Pax: So where do you live? Me: Uh Terminal 3 departures gate B1B

Okay for real though, there is so much freedom in being a flight attendant. I live in Thunder Bay (for the 5 nights a month I’m home.. lol) and I work out of Toronto (and probably only spend 5 nights there too). Being a flight attendant you are so used to coming and going that you are able to live and work in different cities… including cities that are separated by a 2 hour flight. My company is nice enough to fully cover our “commuting” flights which means I don’t pay anything to fly back and forth between Toronto and Thunder bay so I am able to come and go to work with no problems as long as I follow the companies commuting policy.


6. You’re treated like a priority 

This I know to be true because I do another job within my company where I wear regular clothes and the treatment I get being in uniform vs. being business casual is unbelievable. There is a lot of respect and priority given to flight crews. When I’m in uniform people see you in airports and automatically trust you if they need help with something. When you walk into a hotel or are looking for a shuttle people are there to get you on your crew on your way as fast as possible. People always let you to the front of the line and respect you and your work. Recently this mom held her little girl back in front of a moving walk way so I could go by in front of them. I was walking quite quickly and the mom explained to her two little girls that I was walking fast and they had to let me go in front because I worked here on the planes and had to get to my gate… except I just turned into the Starbucks line after the moving walkway and wasn’t late or rushed but just looking for some ice coffee 😂.


7. You just have a cool job with some of the best stories ever

I can’t wait to be this old lady telling my grandkids about the time I had a medical emergency at 25,000ft or the people I had to kick off of my flight or all the other crazy stories this job has given me. This job gives you such an insane insight into the lives of so many people and the stories that you gain from working in this incredibly unique environment are crazy.

IMG_2144 (1)

8. The office views: sunrises, sunsets, mountains and city lights

Every morning brings a perfect sunrise, and every night brings an even more perfect sunset. There is very little that ruins that view from up above. Not to mention seeing things like the city of Toronto or the rocky mountains from up above over and over and over again – these views never grow old and I’m so grateful that these are my office views.

9. Getting to know Canada

This is most definitely one of my favourite things about this job. It’s been an absolutely privilege to get to know the people of this country, but it’s also been such a privilege to get to know the country itself. From coast to coast and everything in between. I’ve travelled to different continents and have explore national parks abroad but this job has allowed me to get to know the beauty in my own backyard – something I may not have truly appreciated without this. It’s given me the opportunity to get to know cities big and small and see where I fit in or see myself living in this country.


10. Part of a bigger international family

There are just certain things that only flight crews will understand or think is funny. I am truly happy to be a part of this family and be able to relate with crews all over the world. It also makes this world seem much smaller. Things I find funny are the same things a flight crew half way around the world would find funny (and same goes for things that annoy us). It’s this beautiful reminder that we in fact are not more different than we are the same – passengers and flight crews alike.

IMG_2150 (1)

Considering becoming a flight attendant now? Check out my flight attendants pet peeve post for the plentiful things that annoy us too!

xx, S

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