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Hey blogger fam!

I’ve realized lately a lot has changed in my life and I haven’t posted much about what’s up next travel wise. I just left my job as a flight attendant (WHAT? I know. chaos.) and am now heading to Southeast Asia for 2 months! I can’t wait for all the food, beaches, and crazy adventures that are about to happen. 

I only have the first 2 weeks planned since my boyfriend will be joining me and the rest has just been roughly plotted out. First I’ll be flying with my boyfriend to Hong Kong and spending 2 nights there before heading to Thailand. We got flights directly to Chiang Mai so we’ll be able to start North and work our way down. We’ve booked some amazing accommodations which I can’t wait to share with you once I’m there!!! Seriously they are a dream! I normally never splurge when I could be sleeping in a $10 dorm, but then again I normally travel solo and don’t go on romantic getaways so a girls gonna do what a girls gonna do!

After our two weeks in Thailand my man is going back to Canada (womp womp womp) and my plan is to fly to the Philippines! I was going to wait to go to the Philippines at the end of my trip but as I will already be entering the typhoon season there I’d rather go before it gets worse. I haven’t booked the flights yet but my plan is to do a stopover in Singapore for the weekend and then fly direct to Cebu. Then I will hopefully be going to Moalboal to get my PADI Open Water Diving Certification! YAS! I’ve spent a stupid amount of time researching where to get your PADI and I am STUCK on this one place. It’s about $350 CAD for the open water and the location and reviews are just perfect. Moalboal has sardine runs and whale sharks so it would be such a beautiful place to be able to dive (especially for the first time!). Borocay is currently shut down for tourists as they undergo repairs so that is off the list of places to go in Philippines. I may just fly to El Nido from Cebu for a few days and then back to Manila and Luzon (weather dependent).

Then I’ll say bye to the Philippines and hello Bali and the Gili islands!! I would love to spend as much time here as possible as I am a true hearted beach bum. If I can afford to spend 2 weeks here I will definitely do it.

From Bali I’ll be going to my next big adventure… Indoensia Borneo to go trek with orangutans!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been dreaming of doing this ever since I learnt of the devastating conditions the Borneo rainforest is in. I’ve felt desperate to come see this beautiful place and better understand what is happening. Seeing orangutans in the wild is just something out of a dream. It is quite expensive (about 600 dollars for 2 nights was the cheapest I could find) so I wasn’t sure if I should do it but I’ve convinced myself and it’s going to happen. Luckily this “cheapest” option has AMAZING reviews and I just talked to this photographer who went with this company and raved about them – I’ll let you know how it is once I get back! After Borneo I’ll head back to the main land and go to Malaysia for the remainder of my trip.

I love hearing about people’s favourite (and least favourite) places to visit and things to do in Southeast Asia so please, let me know! I will do my best to keep posting while I’m gone, but as I have learnt from previous trips I suck at posting stuff while I’m travelling and save it all instead for when I get home. For pics of my trips follow me on instagram: travelbugsteph.

xx, S

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  1. Are you traveling to East or West Malaysia? Or both? I hope you experience the amazing food we have. Don’t be afraid of eating at hawker stalls for cheap but delicious eats.

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