Happy Wednesday: Jet Lag, Blog Plans & Coming Home

Hey friends! It’s me! I know, it’s been a very long time since I’ve blogged but I’m BAAACK!  I landed back in Canada just over 5 days ago and have been doing my best to beat that jet lag and get back to reality. 

There’s a 12 hour difference from Hong Kong to home so every time I’m awake I want to be sleeping and then when I need to sleep I’m finally awake. It’s terrible. I haven’t let myself nap though because I only have 1 week to get my life in order before I go back to school – it’s hectic. BUT it also kind of worked to beat that jet lag. Day 3 of being home and I finally wasn’t completely exhausted all day, and day 4 I barely felt tired! I think the trick is to just drink coffee and keep busy during the day (and accept that you’ll have little energy, be tired and a little stupid), and then take a melatonin (3mg) before going to bed so that even though you’re hella tired by night time the melatonin will help you stay asleep throughout the night. And voila! Goodbye jet lag!

Now that I’m finally awake enough to think clearly, I’m excited to get back to blogging!!! It’s time to start sharing all the amazing travel experiences and tips I have for you from not only my time in Asia but all those trips I went on as a flight attendant from Fiji to Belize to Scotland.

SO I have exciting news for my travel blog. Every WEDNESDAY I’ll be posting a new blog post- rain or shine – exam or presentation – or any other life event trying to get in the way, you can count on a new post each week! I’ll be using my instagram (@travelbugsteph) to share some extra travel tips throughout the week as well as my facebook page (facebook.com/travelbugsteph) if you want weekly updates for the blog posts.

I will also be happily taking requests for blog posts. If you’re going on a trip soon and want to know what to pack, do, or any general advice – shoot me a DM on facebook or instagram or email me and I will write a post to help!

But for next week with so many countries to write about I don’t know where to begin!!! What country interests you the most? Would you like me to start my blog posts next Wednesday about Thailand, The Philippines or Indonesia? COMMENT BELOW ❤


xx, S

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2 thoughts on “Happy Wednesday: Jet Lag, Blog Plans & Coming Home

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  1. Could you write about which countries you like best (and what exactly you liked about them) and also some personal lessons you learned from all the traveling/from each country you visited.

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    1. Absolutely!! I love the idea of writing some personal lessons I learnt while travelling each country – great idea for a post!! Thanks!

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