Your Guide to Travelling Bali on a Budget

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait…. you mean Bali isn’t just a destination for honeymooners and people with cash to spend? And that not only will you be able to travel Bali on a strict budget but you’ll be able to enjoy it? Fam, I’m telling you!! Bali is one of the most amazing places to travel, with home comforts, amazing food, culture, beaches, people, and unreal things to see and do all in the price range of your average broke backpacker. Most hostels/homestays are clean, comfortable, have pools and FREE breakfasts. And these breakfasts usually include coffee, juice, fruit, toast and your choice of omelette or pancake. Oh, and hostels aren’t more than 15 CAD.

Obv already demolished some bc it was so damn good

I’m at a point backpacking where I don’t love staying in hostels all the time, I enjoy eating at nice places occasionally and I don’t want to take the cheapest route if it means taking an extra 12 hours to get anywhere. Yet, I was still able to travel comfortably and enjoyably in Bali without destroying my budget and to be honest I was completely surprised by this. Maybe like you, I expected Bali to eat up my budget when really it was one of the cheapest places I had been. I spent 3 weeks travelling Bali and the Gili Islands, staying in a combination of private guesthouses and dorms, eating local food, smoothie bowls, treating myself to nice restaurants (and spas) occasionally and only spent 9,285,000k Rupiah (or 847 CAD) total.

**Prices in Indonesia Rupiah**
Travelled: June 2018

Accommodation: $75k-185k/night 
Canggu 165k @ homestay w private room & pool
Ubud 110k @ hostel dorm w pool
Gili Air 160k @ homestay private room
Gili T 125 @ hostel dorm w pool
Amed 76k @ hostel dorm 
Nusa Lembongan 185k @ homestay w private room
Seminyak 115k @ hostel dorm w pool

Total amount spent: 2,640,000k Rupiah

Transportation: 100k-250k
**you need to haggle prices except for when using grab/bluebird
**grab/bluebird are apps for finding rides

Airport-Canggu 200k for taxi 
Canggu-Ubud 180k for bluebird
Ubud-Gili Air 200k for shuttle+fast ferry combo
Gili Air-Gili T 85k for fast shuttle (runs hourly) or 40k public ferry 2x/day
Gili T-Amed 250 for ferry 
Amed-Nusa Lembongan 300k for shared taxi+ferry
Nusa Lembongan-Seminyak 200k for ferry + 80 taxi
Seminyak-Airport 100 for bluebird 

Total amount spent: 1,645,000k Rupiah

Food: 25k-110k
**local food at warungs are always cheapest
Smoothie Bowl 55k-90k
Latte 30-35k
Local Warung 25-55k
Pancake/crepe 55-60k

Total amount spent: 4,200,000k Rupiah
(roughly aimed for 200k a day) 

Tours/Rentals: 100k-200k
** I didn’t do as many tours to save $$ and chose to explore on my own 
Snorkel Tour 200k with Manta Rays in Nusa Lembongan
Yoga Class 110k-160k per class (cheaper if you do more)
Bike Rental 100k for 4 days Gili Air 
Day Spa 400k for 3 hour treatment 

Total amount spent: 900k Rupiah

Processed with VSCO with c9 preset
When budget travel looks like this you know you’re in the right place

Three weeks and less than 1,000 CAD in one of the most beautiful places in the world.. HECK YES. There’s a lot I decided not to do in order to keep my budget that low, but at the end of the day I had an amazing time, saw so many places, and completely fell in love with Indonesia and Bali. Definitely can’t wait to go back!

xx, S

Next Wednesday:
5 Tips for Travelling Bali (and how to not make the same stupid mistakes I did) 

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