My Hilariously Uncomfortable First Night in Bali

I was heading to Bali from the Philippines and had taken a late flight arriving close to 11:30PM. I had booked myself a nice guesthouse and knew I was just going to take a grab or taxi from the airport to get there since it was so late. Now, if you’ve flown into Bali then you know, the taxi drivers at the airport are the absolute worst. They swarm you when you walk out of security and they will follow you and not leave you alone. I even met a girl recently who said one went into the women’s washroom as she was trying to get away!! I just kept swivelling making them turn around constantly till they would leave me alone. I was trying to get a Grab (Asian Uber) but I couldn’t find my driver and meanwhile I had taxi drivers following me telling me that Grab is illegal. Side note: still not sure if this is totally true. From what I understand it’s not illegal by the government but locals have signs up everywhere saying not allowed but then again I used it all the time outside of the airport. 

I finally gave up trying to find my grab and went to a taxi driver. Being super annoyed of their pestering I refused to pay more than 100k rup (a little less than 10 CAD) as the grab was offering 75k despite reading online that taxis usually charge much more. He first started with 200k and I just kept saying no ill go to someone else 100 or nothing and he finally went down 10k at a time till he just agreed and then proceeded to be baffled that he was driving me that far for that little (to Canggu). Truthfully, I think he was just tired and wanting to go home.

Anyways, little did I know that’s when my adventure would begin. He dropped me off at my guesthouse – down a quiet side road with no lights and seemingly no people anywhere despite it saying 24 h reception online. I paid him the 100k and made my way inside the guesthouse grounds trying to find someone to check me in. Well, no one was there. It looked completely deserted. I thought maybe I could just go into one of the rooms but I didn’t know which ones were occupied so obviously I couldn’t do that. I walked around some more and found this door with an Asian looking bathroom beside it (hole in the ground) that was clearly not a guest room so I knocked a bunch and yelled hello but no one answered. I decided to just open it and to my surprised it was unlocked and there was a girl sleeping on the inside!!!! I shut the door and then continued to knock trying to wake her up. Well this girl was not waking up! So I went back to the guest rooms and found a code for the wifi to call my boyfriend. Half laughing half wanting to cry I was asking him what the heck I should do and debating my options. Option 1 was that I just slept on one of the pool chairs but having already slept outside in the Philippines I didn’t want to go through this again- especially with my room that I paid for being right there! Option 2 was to find a different place to stay so I went for a little walk but there were no lights anywhere and stray dogs kept running up to me (some barking a lot) so I turned around and knew that wasn’t an option. Option 3 was to wake this girl up and get her to check me in and give me a room. This was the option I chose, and what a challenge it was.

I went back to her room and began to bang on the door, literally yelling hello – still this girl slept right through this. So I opened the door and kept yelling. Still nothing. I had my flashlight flashing her face trying to wake her up while yelling hellooooo. Still nothing. I tried flashing the light, banging on the door and yelling. Still nothing. Absolutely baffled and insanely uncomfortable I didn’t know what to do. Knowing full well if I shake her awake she could not only freak the fuck out but it will definitely be weird and awkward as hell. Well, I didn’t have any other choice. So I started to tap her leg and then back away quickly yelling hello. STILL, NOTHING. At this point fear started to sink in – was this girl dead?? Was she murdered and now my finger prints are on her?? I quickly turned around half expecting to see her murderer behind me or some crime scene full of blood. Luckily, this was definitely not the case.  But still I was like HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU NOT WAKING UP???? And then it happened – she rolled over in her sleep and I knew this must mean she was slowly waking up!! So I yelled one more time and poked her foot and voila! Startled AS FUCK she was awake and I was backing up with my hands up like “sorry sorry sorry but can you check me in”. Well this girl didn’t even speak English folks so it took a while for her to fully understand who I was, why I was in her room, and that I had already paid for the room but we managed to get the point across and voila I got to my room!

Then as I laid in bed contemplating what the fuck just happened in the last hour and how awkward this whole situation was all I could think about was whether this girl had dreams that included me yelling hello or banging on the door. And also being slightly worried for this girl would as she clearly could sleep through anything and did not lock her door. Needless to say, the next day was weird and I will always remember to let my guesthouse owners is Indonesia know when I’m arriving.

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xx, S

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  1. I absolutely hate those awkward moments where you don’t know what to do and it’s late at night and you’re in a new country so kinda go in to panic mode! I always have a little cry but it turns out alright in the end lol x

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